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2007 October
New Air Jordan Release Dates

Air Jordan Spiz'ike womenJordan oo'wee Trainer Black and Yellow

Air Jordan Flight 23 WhiteAir Jordan Melo M4 Black

You can check out your favorite upcoming pairs of Jordans on our newly updated Air Jordan Release Dates page. It has all of the latest release date info news for Air Jordan Shoes so that you wont’ miss out and you can be ready to get them. Continue to check the release page for more updates on upcoming Air Jordans. Above are just a couple of the Air Jordan Shoes that will be released over the next five months. To view the page click HERE.

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Air Jordan III, custom design template.

Air Jordan III, custom design template, half elephant print

This template is available here.

If you’ve ever had the experience of searching for the correct colors for your sneaker, you might like to design your very own custom sneakers. To start with, get this template of Air Jordan III. Print a few copies of this on paper and use your color pencils to add colors to designated areas.

This template has partial elephant prints at the lower heel and the circumference around the toe. This grey area protects the lowermost regions of the shoe against quick aging. You need to choose your favorite colors, or the colors that would match the majority of clothes in your wardrobe.

If you are inclined to uniform colors, you might desire to color the outlined portions of the shoe in a standard color. I would suggest choosing any dark colors for the lower portions of the shoe. This is because walking kicks up dust and the lower most regions around the circumference of the shoe gets dirtied fast. Plain colors will do well as they will get bordered by the grey elephant print.

I would not recommend using spots or stripes or army fatigues patterns. The elephant pattern already present may not agree with these patterned additions. The other great innovation to the customization of your sneaker will be the choice of shoe laces. Whatever color you choose will have a great impact on the sneaker.

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Asics and Alife Collaboration on Gel Lite III Godzilla



The latest collaboration between Asics and New York company Alife is arriving just in time for Halloween. This specially designed Gel Lite III has the protruding eyes, sharp teeth design and stark colors that make it look like Godzilla. The Gel Lite III Godzilla comes in three colorways including a basic black/red colorway and a bright green/orange colorway shown above. If you can get past the crazy design long enough to try the shoe on, you will be pleased with the typical comfort level found in Asics running shoes.

The Asics Gel Lite III Godzilla is a gimmick shoe that is meant as a special part of your collection instead of a mainstay. It is possible to use these shoes for a greater purpose, however. You can simulate scenes from one of the dozen Godzilla movies and determine what the Japanese government did wrong in its efforts to stop Godzilla. If you encounter the unique problem of having to purchase these special versions of the Asics Gel Lite III, I would choose the black version because it is understated.




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Nike “Kilt”-Blazers For Women

Nike Kilt-Blazers src=

From over at the Overkill Shop, check out these hot shoes made specifically for the ladies.  These kicks are known as “Kilt”-Blazers due to the plaid design on the heel of the shoes.  Made with the classic throwback Nike Blazers in mind, Nike has done a great job giving females an old school option for their wardrobe.

The white on white look is exceptionally clean.  The large, shiny swoosh stands out even against the white background.  The white laces are outlined in black, which help the laces stick stand out.  The kilt colors and feel on the back of the shoe is a nice touch that adds some color to the kicks. 

This shoe also comes in black on black. 


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Prada Linea Rossa Patent Gradient Sneaker

Prada Patent Sneaker 

If you are looking for a high-end sneaker that also works well as a dress shoe, consider these patent sneakers from Prada.

The Linea Rossa Patent Gradient Sneaker features a very unique gradient pattern that starts as black at the heel, fades into red, then finishes as white on the toe. The shoes also have a lace-up front with a red Prada logo on the tongue.

These Prada shoes are really slick and would make a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. They are quite pricey at $550. But Prada is one of the top name fashion designers in the world, so you know you are getting a quality shoe.

The glossy patent sneakers are in high demand, but you can get them right now at Neiman Marcus and other fine department stores.


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Air Jordan 1 Hi – custom template.

Air Jordan 1 Hi.

I borrowed this template from here.

The Air Jordan 1 Hi is a great shoe for basketball. The high heel offers protection and enables the user to perform at an optimum level.

Using this template, I can add colors to test out the effects. I can print out another copy to color and compare the effects. The reinforcement strips are generally in premium leather or some tough material. These materials need care when the colors are applied.

If I choose to customize my sneakers as a DIY, I would need all the necessary materials. There are special dyes for leather and fabrics. Another essential aid is the self adhesive sticky sheets that can be cut according to desire. These can be purchased from the stationery store. Before one area is colored, I can stick the protective film of sticky plastic like a temporary laminating to protect it from any accidental stains.

However, if there are stores in your vicinity that do the coloring for custom made sneakers, they are always the safer option.

I have some suggestions for the Air Jordan label. I can either choose a few colors for that, or color it a monochrome color. I like the basket ball on wings. There’s always the option of coloring it different ways with white wings to let the emphasis on the wings remain.

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Nike Wildwood 90 Free Trail


I have expressed my love for Nike’s classic running shoes in the past. Shoes like the Pegasus spared bells, whistles and crazy colors to offer a comfortable shoe for running around the neighborhood. I may not always like what Nike has to offer in training and basketball shoes these days but I am impressed at their ability to combine old styles with their All Conditions Gear (ACG) line.

The Nike Wildwood 90 Free Trail is a recent release by the good people at Nike, headquartered in all conditions country in Oregon. The Wildwood 90 Free Trail comes in black and white colorways which may seem uninspired to some but the comfort level will make you think otherwise. You should feel the upper on the Wildwood 90 Free Trail to get the most out of the snakeskin used. The materials are lightweight for hiking, camping and other outdoor use but stylish enough to wear while running near your home. Check out the two colorways above and think about trying these out when the hit shelves in the next few weeks.

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SBTG x Methamphibian – Psychoholic Slag

Psychoholic Slag 

SBTG and Methamphibian have come together to release a series of custom Nike Dunk Hi and Lows.

These shoes pictured are very limited. The “Psychoholic Slags” are named after a song by White Zombie.  Only 12 pairs are being sold. They feature a black, fuschia and white print with the SOS (Skulls of Saigon) logo. If you have the money, these shoes are a sweet buy.

You can get these exclusively through RoyaleFam at $650 per pair. These are the first shoes from the Methamphibian and SBTG collaboration.

Check out more photos of these very rare shoes, plus some pictures of their other collaboration – Skulls of Saigon Pestilence.


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