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2009 April
Nike Womens Dunk High – Metallic Silver – Turquoise – Snakeskin


This latest entrant to the Nike Dunk series is a beautiful and worthy addition to the decades long record of Nike perfection. It is not a very modest design, but you can be only modest only that much with such a wonderful track record.

The Women’s version is luxurious and elegant and you can observe that much with your own eyes, we’re sure. Not only do the various details turn this one a magnificent symbol of power, but the bold and well-formed concept also shakes our concept of what is acceptable and what is not in the sneaker world.

Available at eBay. Via 95Soleman / ShaolinKickz.


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Nike Hypermax – Charles Barkley Air Max2 CB 34 Inspired


Startling and uncontrollable, these pairs promise to take you to the level of heroes and champions. They are fresh, beautiful, and innovative, as the nice pictures above sdhow to you. Dedicated to the Round Mound of Rebound, Charles Barkley, these pair will fulfill and exceed your expectations from a perfect creation.

The colors strongly contrast with each other, and the harmony chosen for this creation is somewhat unusual for Nike palette. Obviously, the choice was to reflect the rebellious and unyielding personage of Charles Barkley, and the reflection dazzles.

You can get these at Nike Basketball retailers, but they are also available at eBay ViaShaolin8.


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Nike SB – May 2009 Releases


Nike SB has put together an ok May lineup featuring a couple different models in an assortment of colors for the Summer.The most appealing would probably be a pair of band-aid look alikes, white perforated leather, grey suede and a gum bottom. If you’re looking for something with a little more kick there is also what may be a purple and gold Lakers inspired mid or blue, black and orange lows. May will also see a Supreme Dunk inspired P-Rod II, which happens to be the last P-Rod II releasing. A Veloce, Harbor and black and gold A.D. round out May’s releases, grab them now at CCS.


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Vans Surf – 106 SF + Santa Ana + Rafa Plus + Cojo


Vans surfing the air, and climbing above the clouds with this monumental design that combines the power of a battleship and the esthetics of a professional surfer. The beauty that is inherent in the form is allowed to expose itself in a full glory through to the restrained and purist choice of colors.

The Vans Vault series has been a massive success from the first day of its release. And this pair promises to add just another layer of achievement to the already respectable pyramid of power that Vans has built. Proud, erect, and sturdy, this edifice of creativity will last for centuries.

For a sightseeing experience, you can take a trip to Extra Butter. They will open the door to you, and then it’s your chance to open a new page in your life. Via   


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Sesame Street Nike Air Force Ones


Tekneek Custom Sneakers was featured in one of yesterday’s posts with its latest customs, the Buffalo Bandits Adidas Originals. As I was looking through Tekneek’s recent projects, the Sesame Street Nike Air Force Ones jumped out from the computer screen. The designer captured the whimsy and imagination of Sesame Street for kids and adults alike who have enjoyed the long-running show.

The Sesame Street Nike Air Force Ones were found at the Tekneek Custom Sneakers and Apparel Facebook page linked here. Tekneek painted these customs green and yellow to match the colors of the street sign. The toe box and Velcro strap feature white lettering with “Sesame” on the right toe box and “Street” on the left toe box.

Tekneek’s work would not have been complete without a representation of the show’s popular cast of characters. The left exterior features Grover, Oscar the Grouch, Bert and Ernie while the right exterior showcases Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the Count. If you want to relive your favorite childhood shows and cartoons, you can contact Tekneek Customs at to find out pricing and custom options.


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Vans Vault Supercorsa – Fall 2009


The supercorsa comes with some superpowers. It will have the powers of dazzling, the power of hypnotizing, and intoxicating with its beauty when it finally hits the stores this fall. 

Every once a while, an unexpected, incomparable, priceless experience will transform out lives in a way that we had never imagined. The supercorsa is one such experience. The wide choice of colors, the beautiful palette of designs and feature which all combine to create a unique creation inspire the spirit of creativity in us, and who know where it will all end?

Sadly, we need to wait till autumn. But isn’t such a beauty worth even a lifetime’s wait? Via MarcusTroy. 


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Nike Tennis Classic Mesh – White – Sport Red


Pure, powerful, and priceless, the red on these gives a hint of the explosion that will rock your world once you own them. Not a flame, not a flicker, but a whole world on fire is the outcome of the revolution when this creation unites with sneakerheads. 

The slight touches of red on this design are like the lava erupting from deep inside the bowels of the earth. The beauty of this creation is like the silvery shine of your lover’s face in the moonlit night. The pair is like a poem, pure, powerful and priceless, that inspires us to extreme displays of enthusiasm with its beauty.

Catch them at sneakers N Stuff. Via SneakersBR.


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Nike Air Trainer I Premium QK – Sport Red – White Micro Stripe


Like some of this months previous Quick strikes this newly released Air Trainer also features a pinstripe pattern. The Premium Air Trainer features a heavy red with white pinstripe Canvas upper. The swoosh and laces are white but an extra set of red laces are provided on the side. Nike also included a gum sole to spice things up and a little button the strap near the toebox. This Quickstrike is now available at select Nike Sportswear retailers including Atmos.

Style: 370348-611
Color: Sport Red/White-Sport Red-Gum Light Brown


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