Adidas C-Billups

Adidas C-BillupsAdidas has teamed up with Undrcrown to do yet another collaboration. The Adidas C-Billups, Chauncey Billups’ signature shoe, is the sneaker in use. The new look seen above features a detailed upper with some different colors. There is also some textured basketball leather used on multiple parts of the sneaker. Not very good looking if you ask me. We will keep you updated with any further news on the release.

Adidas C-Billups

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  1. shoehead says:


  2. B.E.Z says:

    dem is mad ugly

  3. ballin5 says:


  4. morgan says:

    I love billups!! But those are mad ugly

  5. BloodO1O1 says:

    WOW billup you need to make better ones that is crazy!

  6. Hamster says:


  7. eddie says:

    dis shoes r a whack idea of yours dogg…wat were you thinkin…because you got high???or wat

  8. peter says:

    where can you buy them in CA or or they not released yet?

  9. t.r.dearden says:

    i gt respect for the guy bu these shoes straight ugly,wat was he thinkin? i do like dat basketball effect leather tho

  10. Nick says:

    these are hot as hell

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