Adidas Gazelle ‘Vacation Cities’ Series

Adidas Gazelle 'Vacation Cities' Series
To many the summer is already here with such a wide range of released summer shoes. Now available is the Adidas Vacation City Pack. The pack is made up of solely Adidas Gazelle shoes. Four cities have now been launched: St. Tropez, Honolulu, Ibiza, and Marrakesh. Each city has a Gazelle in two different colorways and feature a nice logo of the city in the back side of the sneaker. The colorways are hot for this summer and will look great with anything. Available in both women and men’s sizes. Check out the rest of the sneakers next.

Adidas Gazelle 'Vacation Cities' Series

Adidas Gazelle 'Vacation Cities' Series

Adidas Gazelle 'Vacation Cities' Series

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  1. sneaker head on the rise says:

    man im diggin these thew are classic shell toes and i really like them i can see my self adding these to my shoe collection ya im frally feelin these i will even get he pink ones ya dig they wont be a waste of money these are fire maybe some of them are shell toes toes

  2. J.P.M. says:

    what about them jooodans man

  3. ballin says:

    where caN you buy these trainers from?

  4. mahr-c says:

    were could get a pair at ?

  5. kreempuffd says:

    I grabbed the light green marakesh ones in Vegas, at an outlet mall just out of the city, dont member how much exactly round 50us. They are nice though, didn’t see the others but they are niiiice!!

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