Air Jordan 1 High Strap – White – Black – Varsity Red

This upcoming Jordan 1 High Strap wears a color way never seen before on this revolutionary basketball shoe. Some might say the color way resembles the OG black – white color way that was recently retroed in last months Countdown Package. Whatever the case may be we do know this color way brings a new refreshing feel to the Jordan line.

The red accents on the outsole act as a flavor enhancer, bringing some spice to these plain black and white sneaks. White leather was used on the swoosh, heel and toe cap while soft black nubuck was used on the remainder of the shoes. If you can’t quite get with the high straps the ankle strap is removable, so you can rock them with their AJKO swag. Look for these to appear at Jordan retailers on November 22nd and will retail for about 110. Via:SN


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  1. bugoy says:

    another aj1……….

  2. monica says:

    dez hott!!

  3. jada says:

    dem is cute

  4. LoLo says:

    Dem cold i like the black and red ones better

  5. Vonny says:

    Glad the straps are completely removable. This means the black/red will be just like the overhyped ones that sell for over 500 a piece on the net.

  6. Jason says:

    They Ok……Not All That …Iam All That Though

  7. tmoney says:

    pretty decent. coulda kept the strap off

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