Air Jordan 17 Low Black/Chrome & White/University Blue

Air Jordan 17 Low

When the Air Jordan 17 was originally designed, it was said to have been inspired by three things – the fine details of an Aston Martin, the smooth flow of a jazz solo, and the long Air Jordan history of innovations in style.

Now the new Air Jordan 17 is still detailed, smooth and innovative. This special low version of the Jordan 17 features an inner sock and a metal support plate around the ankle. Kixclusive has two colorways available right now. The Black/Chrome version pictured above combines black croc and smooth black leather trimmed with shiny chrome accents. It is a slick looking shoe that is sure to please many Jordan fans.

The other colorway at Kixclusive is the White/University Blue. This is a smooth shoe that is sure to turn heads. The details are exquisite, from the rectangular perforations on the sides to the Jordan logo on the blue midsole. These Air Jordan 17’s are limited and priced at $250.

Air Jordan 17 Low

Air Jordan 17 Low

Air Jordan 17 Low

Air Jordan 17 Low

Air Jordan 17 Low

Air Jordan 17 Low

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  1. ChuCHING$$$$ says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!What a depressing shoe.Every shoe beyond the XIV is GARBAGE.Jordan Brand,you really disappointed ALOT of “true” Nike fans.

  2. DIAZ says:

    not agreeing wit da comment on top thinking bout coppin the white ones

  3. Anthony says:

    they should of come out with the grey and red jointz or atleast modify these whack kickz

  4. Steven martinsen says:


  5. Nick says:

    those little sock liner things are disgusting

  6. mrmathis says:

    those were the freshest j’s that came out both the black and caroline blue!!!!! dont hate appreciate cuzin….

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