Air Jordan 7 Olympic collection

Air Jordan 7 Olympic collection - left side

This shoe commemorates the special event 16 years ago. Michael Jordan and the Dream Team made a good show at the Olympic Games in Barcelona. They wore their Air Jordan 7 in a special Olympic colorway that matched the Team USA uniform.

The new shoe will make its world debut in Barcelona, Spain. It will be released in a special event. This event is the opening of a new shop, on July 4, 2008.

This sneaker looks striking. It has a white colorway. It’s accents are red, blue, yellow, green, black and gold. The shoe lace has hues of yellow, black and blue. The shoe is asymmetrical – its right and left sides are not the same.

The left side of the shoe shows two sphere-like shapes. They are colored in black, red and white. Theer are three prominent black colored panels. The midsole has two sets of ridges that rise up from the bottom of the midsole. These colorful ridges are in yellow and red.

The right side of the sneaker has something different. The green colored segments are seen here. The designed shapes here are different. The midsole on this side has only one prominent ridge with the same set of colors in yellow and red.

This is a great looking shoe. Few people can disagree with this.

Air Jordan 7 Olympic collection - right side

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  1. JR Writer says:


  2. joshua fernandez says:

    can i have a shoes like that because i have no shoes

  3. AllWell says:

    how do u match sumthin wit dem lol

  4. iRoCjAyZ23 says:

    they limited and how much?

  5. cortez donigan says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,them a supadupa raw lyke fresh chop chicken…….i’m gettin’ dease bad boys

  6. sneakerhead3 says:

    they look pretty nasty to me. but i might get it because the 7’s base shape looks sexy to me. But gotta think about it. btw where are the olympic sixes coming out? what stores i mean?

  7. nika360 says:

    i9 were to get them anywhere in the world

  8. Nick says:

    yea those are pretty hot but i like the 8 olympics better

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