Bathing Ape Shoes City Exclusive

Bathing Ape Shoes

Here is a look at some of the upcoming Bathing Apes Roadsta’s. In celebation of Ape Bape Sta’s 14th anniversary, each Bapes Store in the world will receive their own exclusive Roadsta. Bathing Ape Shoes bring together some different color combinations to create very popular shoes around the world. Some of the ones above are London: Red/Black/Blue, Hong Kong: Green/Yellow/Blue, and NYC: Black/White/Purple.

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  1. Taylor Ruffin says:

    I lov bapestas they are ma fav shoes i really like shoes but if u go in ma closet all u see is bapestas i luv thoes shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Drusilla says:

    ii want the blue, orange, white, black one soO bad.. ii gotsh disS one outfit dat will be flosSy iF only ii have em shoes.. NOW!! LOL!! ii want em..

  3. muff says:

    ahh airsta’a must copp

  4. 3ddy says:

    which ones a for chicago?

  5. jaymes says:

    them shoes r truckin sweet yo

  6. p hood says:

    i luv bape i only got bape and icecream in ma wardrobe i got bout 7 pairs ov da ones up der but sum ov dem wooooow !!! der hot
    da green, blak and yellow der hot boooooi

  7. MiiSs$ WiiPeE DoOoWnnN says:

    ii liike deez ones. I got diis outfii iid be lookiin criispy iin if ii got dem black, purple nNn’ whiite ones. ii thiin iim fiina go get me sum uh demm.

  8. R3AP3R says:


  9. BAP3STAQU33N says:

    ii G0T ALL TYP3S 0F BAP3S!!THA 0NLY TYP3 0F SH03 ii G0T iiS BAP3S,ii G0T S0 MANY ii L0ST C0UNT,ii LUV D3M SH03S!!D3Y MUH FAVORiiT3!!

  10. BapeFresh says:

    i need dem bapes i got nuttin but bapes and J’s and dat wuld complete me!!! haha
    on da serious tip fo real ima cop dem dems is folly on som real ….

  11. BapeFresh says:

    for dose who dont kno wut folly is dats da same as fresh ya herd!!!

  12. Megan says:

    ahaha, wow. those are pretty sweet.
    they’d be a big jump from plain white vans, but i think my closet could use a couple pairs.

    i know the first thing i’m gonna buy when i get a job! ;)

  13. matt says:

    where can i get me some size 14 BAPES

  14. dalton says:

    the bapes shoes r so so fresh hit me up and i wanna buy some

  15. dalton says:

    I want to buy some bapes

  16. dalton says:


  17. dalton says:

    i want some bapes

  18. Young Diplomat says:

    where can i findd sum real bapezz! tired of tha fake!! i be in da 413 so get @ me please!!! a block

  19. Sheldon says:

    Bapes is uguly

  20. Whitney says:

    how much are bathin apes?
    and what website can you look for them?
    plz write me back to my email when you get this thnx

  21. Kyra says:

    hey where can you get bathin apes because they are so cool
    and sheldon person they are so not ugly you are haha my friend wanted me to say that
    e-mail me when you tell me where you can buy them thnks:)

  22. taylor says:

    dont be fooled about have of thoose are fapes i can tell

  23. Tiffany says:

    do they come in kids size 3-6

  24. BapesHata says:

    Bathing Apes, or “Bapes” as they are colloquially known, look like what would happen were I to drink several gallons of various colors of paint and then vomit all over a leather shoe. For God’s sake, do not spend your money on such a fecal product. If you want something so garish that peoples’ retinas melt when they look at your feet, go to WalMart and get a pair of $10 shoes.

  25. bapes hata retaliation says:

    bapes are amazing what r u talking about bapes hata

  26. BapesHata says:

    Speak not to me about such malformations of footwear. Think instead of the cow that died to bring you your “Bapes.” Would they be pleased? I think I’m going to go gargle about a gallon of Listering to get the taste of the word “Bapes” out of my mouth.

  27. Philsta says:

    Whats up with the stars on these?

    I’ve been looking to buy sum chompers but the stars are messed up on a lot of them.
    That means they’re fake right?

  28. j dubb says:

    My son loves these shoes why i’ll never know i hope it fades away like tickle me elmo!

  29. Stephanie says:

    hot as H*ll!!!!

  30. Leodizzkoid says:

    bare fine yo

  31. samatha says:

    yo all i got is bathin apes yo momma

  32. veronica says:

    mr.wright is sssssssssssssoooooooooooooo stupid!!!!

  33. Will says:

    omg…i love em all…i want em all…especially the hong kong ones

  34. bapeluv says:

    yo these ‘kicks’ are mad dope fresh. i would love to sport these at the club and get my groove on. They are totally wicked gnarly rad. to the max

  35. ** says:

    dey r kew were can i buy!!?? X )

  36. Fashion4rmAYoungLady says:

    I like the style of the shoes, but I really love the color combinations….I love bright colors.

  37. Kathy from New Jersey says:

    what store can i buy bape shoes? here in new jersey or new york please

  38. MaddiBo00y-Bling says:

    Someone there can find that shoe in the blue/orange/grey skin on the picture?

    I really will thank you if you can find them to me, and where i can buy them. <3 drop a link.

  39. Nick says:

    they are all pretty dope but i think the black and pink are the best

  40. Taylor:) says:

    There so cool…hiit me upp^

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