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Make Your Every Move Perfect with The Nike Air Force 1 High Premium – ‘Wool Snake’ | Available on eBay

Nike Air Force 1 High Premium – ‘Wool Snake’

The Nike Sportswear has dominated the shoe world since 80s. In recent years, the Nike sportswear has released many shoes with enchanting colorways. Since 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 has amazed the athletes and people with its unique foot comfort technologies. To continue the dominancy of Nike Air Force 1, the Nike sportswear has launched another Nike Air Force 1 High Premium – ‘Wool Snake’. The shoe upper is made of scale reptilian skin with the woolen at the center panel. This wool snake themed shoe has patent leather swoosh, which enhances the look of the shoe. This new shoe has already become the favorite of many people due to the look and foot comfort. The dark shadow colorway of the upper and the shadow white colorway of the sole blends perfectly to provide delightful look.

The Nike Air Force 1 High Premium – ‘Wool Snake’ has everything that will make it one of the most demanding shoe. The upper has gradient perforation patter for the breathability. The shoe is specifically designed by keep in mind about the foot comfort of athletes during the game. The ankle strap of the shoe provides complete support to the foot and provides stability. The shoe is incorporated with the phylon midsole. It has encapsulated Air-Sole unite, which provides ultra-lightweight cushioning with the shock absorber capability. The “Be True” design of the outsole provides the traction on the court. Moreover, the rubber outsole also provides the additional traction with the durability. The shoe has luxurious appeal with the power of Nike’s cushioning technology.

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A Rare Collection of New Nike Air Force 1 Low + High – Available on Nike iD

Nike Air Force 1 Low + HighFor the very first time, the NIKE iD presents Nike Air Force 1 Low + High in exquisite colorways in both low and high cut silhouettes. These low and high sneakers has upper made of leather and fabrics with Chenille accents and translucent outsole. Moreover, these Nike iD Air Force 1 are available to customize the outsole graphics, which was never available in Nike Air Force 1 before. The various colorways of the shoe is available to choose the favorite one with the iconic style and design. The shoe features Luxe Suede Leather, Luxe Full Grain Leather, and Patent Leather with Swoosh. Moreover, the shoes have contrast stitching at midsole to increase the visibility and look. Also, the contrast shoe lace in some of the shoes gives additional enhancement in look of the shoe.

The Nike Air Force 1 Low + High is well designed and incorporated with innovative Nike Technology that provides foot comfort and cushioning. The High Nike Air Force 1 provides better support to ankle with the classic look. Whereas, the low Nike Air Force 1 shoe provide better foot cupping and conventional comfort to the foot. Both of the Low and high have perforated upper for the greater breathability. The Phylon midsole are incorporated with the encapsulated Air-Sole that provides cushioning to the foot. This technology is efficient to provide cushioning with the impact protection abilities. It distributes the pressure and gives cushioning at the foot strike. Moreover, the rubber outsole, which is considered for the best traction and durability, is available in the shoes.

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Truly ‘Melo’- The Nike Air Force 1 Low – Carmelo Anthony PE

Nike Air Force 1 Low – Carmelo Anthony PE

In 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 featured first Nike Air basketball shoe. Since then the Nike Air Force 1 has been the favorite of all. The Nike Air Force 1 Low – Carmelo Anthony PE is a premium range of footwear, which is inspired by the dynamic legacy of three-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony. The sneaker features mostly white upper with the blue and yellow as the accenting color. The perfect blend of white, blue and yellow colorway scheme gives unique fresh look. Carmelo’s nick name Melo, which is also a signature of Carmelo’s footwear line is present on the rear heel. The double layered Swoosh, yellow stitched midsole, tongue label and inner lining makes the shoe more attractive and unique.

The Nike Air Force 1 Low – Carmelo Anthony PE is an evolved version of the classic Nike Air Force 1 with the perforated upper for the better breathability. Upper leather is a lightweight and other feature of the shoe makes it lightweight and comfortable for the athlete’s foot. The low-top silhouette with the polyurethane midsole provides comfort to the shoe. Moreover, it also helps in better flexibility and cushioning to the foot. Moreover, the shoe is also incorporated with the Nike Air unit, which encapsulates the air to cushion the foot strike. This technology is versatile and durable with the complete assurance of enhance cushion. Also, the pivot points in the forefoot and heel is present to quick transitions in all direction without losing the surface grip. The rubber outsole ensures the enhanced durability and traction.

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Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 with Black and Royal Blue: A Touch of Royalty

Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07

The Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 is the shoe for athletes created by the designer Bruce Kilgore. Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 is a product of Nike. The Nike Air technology was first used in the Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07. The shoes are offered in three different styles. They are low-top, mid-top and high-top. The mid-top and the high-top model shoes have the Velcro-securable strap. The shoes are manufactured in different colors. The most popular shoes are solid white and solid black colors. The original design of Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 was circular but now it is rectangular. Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 is a medallion which is secured to the bottom of the laces and it has holes on the either side by which it can be removed easily.

In the year 1982 the Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 was produced. In the year 1986 it was re-released with a Swoosh on the back of the shoe. Over 1,700 color variations have been produced by the company. The Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 was considered as the favorite shoe of the youths. The Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 is one of the classic products of Nike which is very stylish and durable. The shoe has the white leather on the upper portion and a attractive brown swoosh on the back side. The Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 White- brown color gum is getting released in the coming year.

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Add a bit blue on your feet with Nike Air Force 1 ’07 GS – Black – Still Blue – White

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 GS – Black – Still Blue – White

The Nike Air Force 1 ’07 GS – Black – Still Blue – White is the ultimate collection from the Nike company to add glamour to your life. The design of the shoes is brilliantly placed black and still blue combination. This sneaker looks very simple in designs and style, and goes well with all the sports attires. This shoe can be used for common purposes like jogging, jumping and walking. This sneaker has a unique color designs, which attracts most of the customers, this sneaker is an elegant model designed by Nike to match with the moods of the customers.The style of the customers change from time to time, which is a difficult task for the shoe companies to match with their taste.

This shoe has captured the minds of young people with the unique blue and black combination. The top portion of the shoe is black on color with a good quality of leather which shines. The swoosh of Nike is still blue in color and is well placed on the side of the shoes. The lace pad of the shoe is black in color and the foot is held with a black lace. The tip of the lace pad is designed with the swoosh and the name of the brand.  The brand name is also placed behind the ankle, written in black color on a blue background. The midsole of the shoe is black in color with a still blue color, the Nike Air Force 1 ’07 GS – Black – Still Blue – White is a must buy shoe for all the sneaker lovers.

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The complete look on the Nike Air Force 1 Low Medium Grey/Medium Grey

Nike Air Force 1 Low Medium Grey/Medium Grey

This Nike Air Force 1 Low Medium Grey/Medium Grey shoes are basically a type of sneakers. These sneakers are very much cozy from the inside providing the wearers with the perfect piece of relaxation. Its shock absorbent ability can be very well useful for many different purposes like sports, jogging and even the strolling. But still it’s amazingly cozy type of inner sole helps a lot in creating the perfect peace and the relaxation to the feet of the wearers. The complete shoe contains the same but very much decent and the attractive color, which is the medium grey.

These sneakers are made up of the fine quality of leather. It contains the small holes all over the top sole, which makes them very much breathable for the feet by opening the clear way for the crossing of the air. The mid sole is also medium grey in color but it is not perforated. The perforation part has been completely replaced from both swoosh and the heel portion of the sneakers, by a smooth but the grain quality of leather. These shoes contain two logos of the Nike at both of its sides. Similarly it also contains the logo of Air at the mid sole. The bottom sole of this shoe is little brownish in color and contains the design of curling’s and circles, which makes it look very elegant and beautiful from the bottom part. This bottom sole of these Nike Air Force 1 Low Medium Grey/Medium Grey shoes also contains the Nike logo present at the centre of this sole.

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Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 LE – White – Brown – Gum

Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 LE – White – Brown – GumNike is one of the eminent brands in the fashion industry since a long time. The products launched by this recognized brand are usually a matter of attractiveness along with great comfort. Same is the case with its latest release in the shoe industry whose name is Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 LE – White – Brown – Gum. It is one of the classic products launched by Nike which comprises several stylish as well as durable aspects in it. The product has effect of white leather on the upper portion, a highly attractive brown swoosh along with a captivating sole of gum. Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 LE – White – Brown – Gum is getting released in the coming year however the captivation of this highly amazing product could be felt effectively from now itself.

Most of the shoe lovers are making online searches so as to get the first look of the product on the websites. One of the effective and efficient things is that the online purchase of this highly captivating product could be possible just after its release in the market. The product is not just attracting the Nike lovers but every genre of people whosoever keeps on looking for some magnificent product in the footwear market. So it’s just a matter of sometime that the people have to wait to purchase this amazing product. After sometime everyone would be able to bring this captivating product at home experience its impressive style, great comfort along with high amount of eminence.

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Get the colorful custom made pair with Emmanuel Labor x HEART of XXiV Air Force 1 Custom

Emmanuel Labor x HEART of XXiV Air Force 1 Custom

Emmanuel Labor is a very widely known by the name of custom king and Heart of XXiV is an upcoming clothing company. Both the concerns have come together to make this special pair.  The Emmanuel Labor x HEART of XXiV Air Force 1 Custom features many intricate details as well as great graphics for a colorful look. This makes it one of its kind custom made pair. The sneaker features a bright color, and to contrast this bright color soft grey paneling and tweed lining have been utilized. Branding has been done on the tongue tag, where you can see a heart, which signifies the brand’s goal to instill their message and to inspire the sneakerheads. The heart features a gold shade, which is related to their goal. The details have been added to make this pair more interesting.

If you something funky and want to break the series of solid colors then this pair with a splash of colors will be the best option available. The colors will definitely attract a lot of attention, as this is very different from other pairs. Even the colorful Swoosh look very nice and fresh. This gives an all together different feel to the Emmanuel Labor x HEART of XXiV Air Force 1 Custom. The collaboration of both the concerns has given beautiful outcome and a nice offering for the fans. If you want to steal a better look at this colorful and bright pair, then you should go through the detailed images given online.

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