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Nike Air Force 1 Midnight Fog/White: The shoe with a reflective approach

Nike Air Force 1 Midnight Fog/WhiteAs far as the materials and exterior designer works on shoe surfaces are concerned, shoe industry has come a long way.  Unlike the conventional monotonous designs, now the shoe manufactures are experimenting with the designing of the shoe surfaces in an effective manner. They are inserting innovative artworks, externally embedded structures on the surfaces. The latest from Nike, called Nike Air Force 1 Midnight Fog/White in this regard, is certainly worth mentioning. In this particular collection, they have introduced a new reflective material, called 3M. 3M is crystalline substance, and it is composed of very fine and tiny crystals of equal size and shape. Because of this discriminations in size, and shape, the light passing through it reflects and refracts differently.

This physical property is responsible for its lustrous appearance, and once they are embedded on the shoe surfaces, they incorporate a glossy appearance on the overall look of the shoe work. In this collection, Nike has introduced this material for the external designing of the surfaces, and without any doubt, they have done it quiet effectively. This shoe collection is a beautiful contrasting of ash white and white outsole.  For the upper side construction, they have chosen quality Swede, and this material, as we all know, is the most suitable one for embedding 3M crystals on its surface.  The outsole is made in white leather, so is the Swoosh.  The logo of Nike and the Air unit appears in white, and you will get the midsole in Black Swede. Nike Air Force 1 Midnight Fog/White is simple looking shoe that can portray your ethnic style in the most effective manner.

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Highlights on Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Mayor – Camo

Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Mayor – CamoNike Air Force is that shoe design that has got the most number of redesigns in the shoe industry.  Whenever the shoe manufacturers opt for the redesigning of this particular version repeatedly, certainly there is something special about the version.  Whenever you hear about the Air Force, you get nostalgic about the classical appeal it used to portray in the 80,s and 90.s. Time has changed, the endorser MJ himself retired from the sport long ago, but still the appeal of the shoe collection has not reduced even a bit.  People still love to have a pair of this classic, and that is why Nike chooses this shoe version frequently to offer their new class of design.  A number of reputed designers have contributed their cognitive and creative sense of designing over the years.

This time Mayor has collaborated with Nike to recreate the Air Force 1 version in a new lookout, and the exclusive is called Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Mayor – Camo. As the name implies, you will get the idea about the camouflaging pattern of designing, as used in the army uniforms.  Mayor incorporates that design in this collection quiet beautifully, without altering the classic and majestic appeal.  The classical appeal is perfectly maintained in the white midsole, followed by the biscuit brown finish on the bottom sole.  Unlike the perforation on the upper side, here the perforation comes on the inner lining, and the lining is quality leather made. Once again, Nike broke the myth that this army theme does not suit the daily purpose footwear’s.

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Nike Air Force II High – Black – Challenge Red – White- Get a nice and effective pair

Nike Air Force II High – Black – Challenge Red – White

Here is a pair that is the best example of how great looks can be combined with good performance. No other color scheme would have suited this pair except this one. Most of the upper features black color, but to break the black code accents of red is added in a very balanced way. The red color has prevented the shoe from getting a very boring look. The color scheme gives a simple yet effective appearance to this pair. White adds the lacking element to this pair of sneakers and gives a different look to this pair. The white midsole is well balanced with the black outsole as well. If you are looking for kicks, which stands high on both looks and comfort aspects, then this pair will be the best option. The patent leather on the swoosh adds more zest to this one.

You can go for an online search if you want more details about this pair and can check out the pictures, which are easily accessible online. On the internet, you can keep a track over this nice pair and can grab one for yourself without waiting. This one reflects a retro, hybrids and more of a lifestyle-oriented design.  Nike Air Force II High – Black – Challenge Red – White can give you comfort when you put them on, because it is constructed with the best quality materials and will provide you maximum satisfaction. If you are someone who prefers a sober look then this pair will suit you the best.

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Nike Air Force 1 Low – Obsidian Tec Tuff | Available- Solid performance

Nike Air Force 1 Low – Obsidian Tec Tuff | Available

As the winter is setting in the color schemes are getting darker with every new release. The Nike Air Force 1 Low – Obsidian Tec Tuff | Available is one such pair that features a nice dark tone. The upper is completely constructed from obsidian Tec Tuff leather, which is of superior quality. Therefore, if you want a pair with a complete uniform look, then nothing can be better than this pair of sneakers. The tuff material prevents the shoe from scratches and scuffs and gives more durability to this pair of shoe. If you want comfort, then too you will be satisfies with the kicks. This pair is getting the sneaker lovers on their nerves. This is because of its supreme quality material that is abrasion proof, and the grave looks, which makes it a favorite of many.

For more details about the shoes relating to its design and price, you can go for an online search. You can view the images that are accessible online. This pair is best for those who want an athletic pair for better performance and reliability. Because of the superior material, this shoe also proves you maximum comfort even on rough terrain. For those who want a shoe for a long time they can actually rely on this one. Before buying this one, you can check out the details, so that you can get a clear picture of the pair that is gaining widespread popularity. Do not go on the looks, this shoe provides you more than just a comfort fit, it will give you more contentment.

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Bespoke Nike Air Force 1 by Shahendra Ohneswere: Your Colorful classics this season

Bespoke Nike Air Force 1 by Shahendra Ohneswere

Whenever you are looking for something classy in the trade, there are some myths about the classic collection.  In a typical classic collection, you will find the contrasting of two basic colors, and they are Black and White.  The shades may vary, but ultimately you cannot go beyond these two colors.  However, as time progresses, the taste and preference pattern of the people are also experiencing a change. In today’s generation, we are experimenting with the different color combinations, and classical look no longer means contrasting between Black and White only.  In the Bespoke Nike Air Force 1 by Shahendra Ohneswere collection, you will get one such revolutionary approach in the color combination.

Apart from the Black and White, they have introduced a number of other colors in the designing. It is the suitability of the colors with each other that matters, and here, they have chosen those colors, which complement each other in a very beautiful manner.  Apart from the traditional approach of Black and White, they have introduced a color that falls between Black and white, the Charcoal Black. This colorway features on the upper and side portions of the shoe, and the pink in tongue balances the black eyelet fixing part very well.  They have shown innovation in choosing the material as well. The wool finish in Black features on the heel, and the rest of the black designs are Denim made. As far as white is concerned, they feature on the midsole and on the stitches, and they are perfectly cool with the rest of the color combination.

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Nike Air Force II Hi Black/Challenge Red: The shoe with a revolution

Nike Air Force II Hi Black/Challenge Red

A shoe brand gains its reputation from the quality it offers in its comfortable designer outfit. The more the shoe offers the comfort, along with the eye candy designing; the better is its acceptability among the clients.  However, there is another factor as well in addition to all of these.  Quiet often we have seen that the shoe manufacturers are going for the redesigning of their reputed and accepted shoe brands.  Now, you must be thinking what could be the logic behind this.  It’s simple, they do so because they already got a platform by those quality versions, and they want to rebuild their market share from that platform.  That is where the actual business scenario begins. When they are offering their newer designs, they are fighting with two factors.

Apart from the other competitors in the trade, they are fighting to maintain the expectation level as well they have already set by their older versions.  Not many companies can balance this criterion, until there is Nike.  In their collection Nike Air Force II Hi Black/Challenge Red they have revisited their famous product line Air force. It is not an easy task to maintain the same reputation level what Air Force used to have, but they have stood up to the challenge quiet beautifully.  In this sports range, they made sure that all the effective features of original Air Force version are also here in this shoe collection. Rather than the classic appeal, they opted for the flashy color range in the form of contrasting between Black and Challenge Red. The white midsole are fully complimentary with the color contrast as well.

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Features you will get by having Nike Air Force 1 Low “Workboot” Medium Grey Closer Look

Nike Air Force 1 Low “workbook” Medium Grey

Repetition is the biggest concern for the acceptability in the creativity sector.  If you in the creative field, the first thing you are to ensure about your collection is the repetition factor in the designing.  If you repeat the same design again and again, there will hardly be any client for you.  Therefore, you are to make sure that every time you come up with your offerings, you offer something, something out of the box that differs from others. Now, practically speaking, it is a bit difficult to execute a completely new concept all the time.  The complete new design takes a little bit time, and for the business purpose and completion from the others, there may not be ample time for the entire new creation.

Shoemakers, therefore, take a new strategy for the designing.  They choose a reputed design from their collection, and then try to incorporate newer creativity on it, just like Nike does for their collection.  They have designed their Air Force sneakers a number of times, and yet again they are here with the redesigning of the collection called Nike Air Force 1 Low “workbook” Medium Grey Closer look. In this version, as the name suggests, you will get the sneaker in a low-cup design. The color combination is the medium shaded Grey with the sail color in the outsole.  The Swoosh in this collection is perforated one, and the other features like shoelace eyelets in gold, and uni-color inner lining is also there.  Premium quality leather ensures the perfect finish for the designing.

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Get the combination design this season called Bespoke Nike Air Force 1 by Yasu Saegusa

Bespoke Nike Air force 1 by Yasu Saegusa

Bespoke designs are one of the best designs Nike has ever produced for their wide range of shoe collections.  In this particular version, the biggest asset that will amaze you is the simplicity in designing, and the simplicity is capable of enough to strike the right impact in the crowd of other flashy shoes in the market.  The uniqueness in design, the comfort level, and most importantly, the appropriate color combination chosen is the stand out factor for this collection from the others. In addition, when the renowned designer Saegusa ties up with this collection, the combination is the right one you cannot afford to miss.

We have seen it quiet often that the personal preference of designing has done wonders in the shoe collections, and you will find the same experience in the Bespoke Nike Air force 1 by Yasu Saegusa. Saegusa is known as that designer who mixes and matches different colors in an unconventional yet acceptable manner.  When you pay a look at the Bespoke Nike Air Force 1 by Yasu Saegusa, you will find the striking features like the reptile skin inspired design at the sole.  He has given the same reptile inspired look on the heels as well. The Swoosh part of the shoe is cork made, and the toe box is made in quality leather.  The internal stitches are similar to that of the shoelaces, and there is white rubber made midsole as well, which goes perfectly well with the color contrast.

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