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Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Loon’ – November 2010 : The cool approach to mark the year-end

Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Loon’ – November 2010

2010 has approached towards its end.  In this span, we have experienced some of the finest quality shoes from Nike in all the shoe ranges and genre.  If you are to decide, which one is best among them, wait a while.  Nike has still something more in their closet for you, and before having a look on Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Loon’ – November 2010, you can keep other shoe brands waiting for your attention.  In this shoe collection, Nike has got their inspiration from a bird.  It is not an uncommon thing for Nike to get their inspirations in shoe designing from the most unconventional sources.  In addition, in this collection, they tried to incorporate the feather design of the bird called Loon, the characteristic bird of Minnesota.

As the name implies, you can expect a contrasting between leaf green and white on the surface, the signature color combination of the bird. Actually, for the surface designing purpose of Nike SB Dunk LowLoon’ – November 2010, Nike has used both the fine quality leather and the Swede for the construction purpose.  You will get the upper base surface is made in Black Swede, and the white painted leather is inserted on the base in the form of designs.  The side panels as well as well the Toe Box features this white colored leather design, and the Black Swede is cut in special manner to incorporate another form, of design on the heel. This shoe is a limited version one, so please remember that it is in the market till stocks last.

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Nike Hyperdunk 2010 – Yi Jianlian Wizards Away PE : the shoe that marks Yi,s presence

Nike Hyperdunk 2010 – Yi Jianlian Wizards Away PE

Yi Jianlian is relatively new recruit in the NBA season.  He has not spent much time in the game circuit, but already there is a buzz about his game skills.  We are amazed by the versatility in the game skill by this youngster, and in no time, he has achieved huge popularity.  The popularity went on such a height that Nike decided to launch the Player’s exclusive on his name.  Remember, achieving this feat is not an easy task, particularly when there are PE collections in the names of the greats like MJ, LeBron and so many others.  The debut season was not of that much significance for Yi.  However, he proved himself and his caliber quiet beautifully in the following seasons.

Not surprisingly, he was signed by the New Jersey team to team with the other greats of the game. This PE collection, called Nike Hyperdunk 2010 – Yi Jianlian Wizards Away PE, you can say is the tribute to the skills of Jianlian as well as well his move to New Jersey this season.  In this collection, you will find the glossy black, fairly contrasted with the Royal blue appearances on the parts like the tongues, back heels, laces, soles etc.  On the side panels, you will get the signature of Yi embedded in swoosh materials, and the signature comes in the golden colorway.  So does the logo of Nike as well on the side panels. This Hyper Dunk version comprises with the ankle cuts that will protect your feet from being twisted.

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Glimpses of Nike Hyperdunk 2010 Black/Red-Varsity Purple

Nike Hyperdunk 2010 Black/Red Varsity Purple

Science and Technology never rest.  Every day we come up with some innovations or discoveries in the Science or Technological fields. These inventions replaces the older features of an existing product and present it in a newer manner before us. All these newer features provide extra stability and facilities when compared with the older versions.  In the recent trends, shoe industries have discovered some of the finest features and technologies that will not only make the shoe attractive, but also will take your comfort level to a newer height. Take a look on the new Nike Hyperdunk 2010 Black/Red Varsity Purple version. We saw earlier collections of Hyperdunk series from them, but this version is a complete turnaround from the previous version.

In this collection, Nike has incorporated some of the recent technological features in the shoe making in this particular shoe collection.  Flywire finish is the latest trend of shoe designing, and you will get the best quality Flywire finish here.  Another feature worth mentioning is the midsoles, which are Phylon injected.  Phylon is a recently developed derivative of Nylon, and they give right stability and durability when injected with the conventional midsole material.  Consider other features of this technology rich Nike Hyperdunk 2010 Black/Red-Varsity Purple is like the zoom technology, or the system for the locking down of Heel counter parts etc as well. This collection is available in the contrasting combination of Red and purple on the black base, and it reflects the mood of the sports perfectly.  It is the perfect sports shoe for you that will help you to boost up your performance level.

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Nike Dunk High Black/Varsity-Red: The cool combination for your feet

Nike Dunk High Black/Varsity Red

We saw it number of occasions that the shoemakers redesign their collection just the same way they designed the previous versions.  The factor behind this strategy is the popularity of the previous version, and they restructure the older version to make you feel the appeal in a new manner, if you remember the old wine in new bottle concept. However, the work is not among the easiest ones to perform, and the basic parameter you are to follow is that you should not sacrifice the original flavor for the new designs. Nike has done it quiet effectively for a number of occasions, and they did it again in Nike Dunk High Black/Varsity Red collection.

They had a collection of the same color combination, and because of the acceptance of the collection, they have come up with this brand new offerings for your feet.  In contrast with the earlier versions, they have changed the color patterns, and you will find an all black coloring at the heels and at the toes.  For the side paneling purpose, they have chosen white leathers, and the same material features at the midsoles. You will also find the glossy appearance at the upper portion of the shoe, and they are perfectly complimentary with the classic appeal of Nike Dunk High Black/Varsity Red. Nike has been using some of the finest quality leathers for their shoes over the decades, and you will get the touch of the extra fine leather finish at the tongue of this pair.

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Go Trendy with Nike Dunk Low Custom “Carbon Fiber”

Nike Dunk Low Custom “Carbon Fiber”

Science and technology has advanced a lot in the recent times.  And just like other industries, this progress has touched the shoe manufacturing industry as well.  In todays, market, no one depends on the convention material for shoe making, the naturally occurred animal leathers. As there is concern and awareness to save the animals, therefore, shoe manufacturers are inclined to the artificial and synthetic materials for shoe making purpose.  It has a number of advantages, like the cost is lower, easy to mould to give the desired cut and shape, available in a number of color contrasting appearances, and so on.  In the trade of manufacturing, Carbon fiber is a relatively new concept.

Unique feature of this fiber is that it enhances the durability of the shoe, yet it is one of the most stylish synthetic materials around that you can use for shoe manufacturing.  Nike has used this material effectively in their collection Nike Dunk Low Custom “Carbon Fiber”. In this version, you will find the lustrous appearance of the carbon fibers that will enhance the beauty of the shoe in a better and feasible manner.  This shoe is the re-designed form of Dunk 6.0 version from Nike, and you can say the older version has got a complete new appearance in it.  You can find green stitches all around the shoe surface, and the contrast of green in the Black ambience will resemble you Neon signs in Green in the dark. Start wearing this shoe and be the trendsetter.

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Grab this Nike WMNS Dunk High – Anthracite – Orion Blue – White

Nike WMNS Dunk High – Anthracite – Orion Blue – White

This Nike WMNS Dunk High – Anthracite – Orion Blue – White is the ever beast collection with new color scheme. The upper section of this anthracite sneaker is embedded with Orion blue and black color. There is a midsole which is colored with white and lower sole is colored with black. It means the color combination of this sneaker is very attractive and eye catching. One can easily get amazed to see the color accents of this sneaker.  In this new collection there is glittered copyright leather on the back heel of this sneaker which make it very cool and stylish sneaker. This sneaker is made of different world class materials which make it durable and reliable.

It means you will be pleased to purchase this one. This one might your need to add up your appearance.  This one gives you extra comfort and cushioning so you will never get tired. It means this one has dual advantage first one comfort and second style. There are many websites available which offer more data or information about these sneakers. You can collect your desired information from there to take rational decision. However, you would love to have this one because of its unique design and color scheme. This sneaker has some appeal which attracts people towards it.  You can purchase this one from your nearest retail store. If you have any problem to go to retail store you can purchase it from the Nike online store.  This one is the must have sneaker for all sneaker freak, so go and grab your own.

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Have your Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Black/Dark Army

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Black/Dark Army

This collection Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Black/Dark Army is the latest collection of Nike. This one is embedded with black color upper and white midsole which give it new look and design. The color scheme of these sneakers is very attractive. Black and white laces make it very attractive and stylish. If you want to have experience of best skating you must buy this sneaker. This sneaker is basically designed to give the comforts and style both to the users. Therefore, this sneaker has all essential elements which make it very distinctive and unique. This sneaker is made of quality materials which make it durable and long lasting.Therefore you can easily trust upon this brand.  This sneaker’s design and color schemes make it very attractive and stylish.

The upper section of this sneaker is the blended color of white and dark black which separates it from the white color sole. There are many websites available which provide you all latest information and details about these sneakers. You just have to go online and search the details about these sneakers. You will get multiple previews and reviews of these sneakers on the web. These reviews of this sneaker will give you the real picture of this sneaker. You can purchase your own Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Black/Dark Army direct from the online stores of Nike. These sneakers are really worth of your price. You just go online and grab your sneaker which will give you really different and exciting experience of skating

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The magnificent Nike Dunk Hi Premium Black/Orange

Nike Dunk Hi Premium Black/OrangeThe shoe giant Nike is going to launch the attractive and newest series of the Nike Dunk Hi Premium Black/Orange shoes in the market. These magnificent shoes are available in the two different color patterns that are the orange blaze and the black colors. These attractive shoe series of the Nike Dunk Hi Premium Black/Orange is going to release in the month of October. These attractive shoes of Nike will be available in $99.99 only. The upper portion of these shoes is made up of the black leather. The orange tongue of these attractive shoes is the most important part of the whole pattern.

The black soles of these attractive shoes are quite broad. The shoe laces of these attractive shoes are of black color. The fore foot portion of these shoes is quite comfortable because of the broad structure of these attractive shoes. The inner portion of these shoes is made up of the soft woven material to provide you comfort. The shoe giant Nike is going top launch these shoes in the markets as the winter collection so if you are a fan of Nike shoes then you can easily grab these shoes in the month of October. The ankle portion of these shoes is higher enough from the back side to provide support to the ankle whether you walk, play or run. A person can easily see the attractive pattern of these shoes online. The tonal black color portion with the orange tongue provides the complete style to these shoes.

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