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Nike ACG Air Max Bakin’ Posite Boot – Connoisseur’s Choice

Nike ACG Air Max Bakin’ Posite Boot

Nike is long known for its design and technologies in sport shoes market all over the world. Nike is serving sports persons and shoe connoisseurs from all over the world since decades. One can even say that Nike has played a great role behind the popularity of the sports shoes all round the globe. Now not only sports persons but schools going guys also prefer a sports shoe over the traditional formal black shoes. Nowadays, great sports persons of almost all the sports like Tiger Woods of gulf, Rodger Federer of tennis and SachinTendulkar of cricket are wearing sports gear made of Nike. This certainly shows the high brand value Nike has.

After the huge success of its Foamposite sports shoes earlier, Nike launched a brand new shoe for the Foamposite fans naming Nike ACG Air Max Bakin’ Posite Boot. If you have liked the Foamposite collection earlier then you are bound to love this new launch for sure. Nike ACG Air Max Bakin’ Posite Boot is coming with a Foamposite upper, carbon composite heel, and an air unit which is full in length. This nice attractive shoe from the house of Nike can prove really helpful to glide through snow in style. If you are a true fan of Nike sport shoes then this is the shoes which you should never miss out from buying. It could be used as a perfect gift for someone special on a special occasion.

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Nike Sportswear Liberty Pack – 2011 – A Shoe Worth to Wait for

Nike Sportswear Liberty Pack – 2011.

Whenever anyone thinks of sport shoes, a name that spontaneously comes in to mind is ‘Nike’. Nike as a shoe brand doesn’t need any kind reorganization; after all it is probably the only brand one should look at when it comes to sports shoes. Nike, as a sport shoe brand has a long illustrious history of serving ultra kind of comfort and protection with futuristic design and cutting-edge technologies to the sportspersons and connoisseurs of shoes, from round the globe. Now that same great brand is planning to launch a new line of sport shoes collaborating with Liberty of London, a reputed organization of United Kingdom; called Nike Sportswear Liberty Pack – 2011.

If one has to believe the preview of the Nike Sportswear Liberty Pack – 2011 then there is some exciting new design in the pipeline. As preview shows, there is at least a couple of Dunk High, an Air Force 1 and a blazer is coming in this special collection. And all of them are coming with some exotic prints from Liberty of London fabric house. So, if you are frustrated for not finding something new in the sport shoes market or you are looking for a fresh pair of sport shoes for your feet then better is to wait for a while for the new collection to come. You can even think of gifting a Nike Sportswear Liberty Pack – 2011 to any of your close buddies in the forth coming Christmas or New Year, if those are available in the market by then.

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Nike Air Max Sensation 2011 – A Hollywood Star

Nike Air Max Sensation 2011Nike, a company globally renowned for its sports shoe does a fantastic face lift surgery to one its shoe which was debuted years back in 1995 and the aftermath sees  a super star born like Nike Air Max Sensation 2011. Every movie freak would get a quick remembrance of Macus Wright, a character of Terminator Salvation which is half-man and half-machine; when he looks first at the Nike Air Max Sensation 2011. They are no fools at all; Nike Air Max Sensation 2011 looks like a half-shoe and half-machine at the first sight, indeed.

This revamped model features some first-time-in-a-shoe technologies. Synthetic carbon-fiber outriggers, heel caps and a ultra low weight Torch under layer, fixed at the top of a especially-for-basketball Air Max cushioning unit are to name a few. More than that, if one wants to sport a ‘Black out’ look like the legendary LeBorn, then this tool from the Nike basket would come to fulfill your desire. Now it is available in the market only in Black/Anthracite color. Nike Air Max Sensation 2011, is a that kind of shoe without which your shoe collection may miss that macho look. So, go ahead buy a Nike Air Max Sensation 2011 today and black out the world. You can consider this Sensation 2011 to gift someone on any special occasion who is a true connoisseur of shoes.

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Nike Air Max Plus 1.5 – Give your Feet the Cushion of Air

Nike Air Max plus 1.5

In 2001 Nike, the emperor of the sport shoe realm unveiled a new kind of sport shoe featuring future-proof technology Nike Air Max plus 1.5. Nike re-engineered its previous successful model Nike Air Max to give birth to Max plus 1.5, which has a better cushioning system to protect the athlete’s feet from any kind of injury. Nike Air Max Plus 1.5 features the all-new tech called Nike Tuned Air, which is the upgraded version of Air Max technology.This shoe sports the cutting-edge design with fluid like flowing lines paired with advanced tuned air.

For optimum comfort, the lines flow through an intricate vascular system and a brand-new Air Max cushioning midsole, which is comprised of two eye-can-detect compartments, one at the forefoot and the other at the Pebax-infused heel unit that redirects air into particular chambers? Along with that, it is embedded with Flywire which is responsible for the making the shoe lighter than the previous version. As of now the Nike Air Max Plus 1.5 is coming in two eye catching colors of Lemon Twist and Solar Red. Sexy contour, futuristic design and attractive color makes Nike Air Max Plus 1.5 a must buy. Every connoisseur of shoes would look to add one to his or her collection or buy one for gifting someone on a special day to leave a mark on him or her.

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Nike Hyperdunk 2010 – Danny Granger Home PE the ultimate basket ball shoes

Nike Hyperdunk 2010 – Danny Granger Home PE

The Nike Hyperdunk 2010 – Danny Granger Home PE is the coolest of all shoes released by Nike. This sneaker takes the inspiration from the basket ball player Danny Granger who helped to win the FIBA. This shoe look very elegant with white blue and yellow combination, this is a cool shoe which is deigned by Nike to all the die hard fans of basket ball. The design of this shoe is very stylish and gives an ultimate comfort to you feet. This shoe is designed to give good moments to the feet and helps you in jumping and shooting the ball .The upper sole of the sneaker is white in color, made of   white leather.

The lace of the shoe is yellow in color which goes well with the white color. The swoosh of the shoe is blue in color and goes well wit the white back ground. The ankle necks   edges are deigned with yellow, which gives a stunning look. This shoe is a rare design introduced by Nike .The midsole of Nike Hyperdunk 2010 – Danny Granger Home PE is designed in three colorway the centre of attraction is the mid portion of the shoes which is designed in blue and yellow combination. The bottom sole of the shoe is white in color with a good grip. The name Nike is deigned at the back of the ankle and is inscribed in yellow color on a blue back ground. This is a must buy shoes to be added in your sneaker collection.

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The complete look on the Nike Air Force 1 Low Medium Grey/Medium Grey

Nike Air Force 1 Low Medium Grey/Medium Grey

This Nike Air Force 1 Low Medium Grey/Medium Grey shoes are basically a type of sneakers. These sneakers are very much cozy from the inside providing the wearers with the perfect piece of relaxation. Its shock absorbent ability can be very well useful for many different purposes like sports, jogging and even the strolling. But still it’s amazingly cozy type of inner sole helps a lot in creating the perfect peace and the relaxation to the feet of the wearers. The complete shoe contains the same but very much decent and the attractive color, which is the medium grey.

These sneakers are made up of the fine quality of leather. It contains the small holes all over the top sole, which makes them very much breathable for the feet by opening the clear way for the crossing of the air. The mid sole is also medium grey in color but it is not perforated. The perforation part has been completely replaced from both swoosh and the heel portion of the sneakers, by a smooth but the grain quality of leather. These shoes contain two logos of the Nike at both of its sides. Similarly it also contains the logo of Air at the mid sole. The bottom sole of this shoe is little brownish in color and contains the design of curling’s and circles, which makes it look very elegant and beautiful from the bottom part. This bottom sole of these Nike Air Force 1 Low Medium Grey/Medium Grey shoes also contains the Nike logo present at the centre of this sole.

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The ultimate stylish sneaker for your feet the Nike Lunar Orbit+

Nike Lunar Orbit+

The Nike Lunar Orbit+ is the latest creation from Nike, this time the shoe pioneer has experimented some thing new for the customers. This sneaker is a running shoe and this is designed with perfect lifestyle and this is one of the master piece of Nike Company which is expected to be released in 2011. This shoe is designed by Nathan who gave a new style to this design. This shoe is designed with a mesh on the upper sole with a zip. This shoe has a good aerodynamics to keep your feet moving faster. This shoe is a upcoming hit in the market loved by all the athletes. The shoe is designed in a simple way with simple colorway. The upper midsole of this shoe is dark blue in color with diamond shaped designs.

The swoosh is placed on the front side of the sneaker and is light blue in color. The most amazing design of this shoe is, it is lace less there is a zip which keeps the shoes intact to the feet. The midsole of the shoes is white in color which is designed with white color lines. The bottom sole of this sneaker is designed in three colors red, white and black. The front portion of the bottom sole has an extra grip which is red in color. A small swoosh is also found at the bottom of thee sole. All together this shoe is cool and looks neat on your feet. The Nike Lunar Orbit+ has a electric color which gives a stylish look on your feet

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The ultimate collection form Nike known as Nike Hyperfuse 2011 – Preview

Nike Hyperfuse 2011 – Preview

The   Nike Hyperfuse 2011 – Preview is the latest creation by Nike, which is expected to be released in the market. These sneakers are designed with electrifying colors to give a colorful look on your feet. The Nike Company has decided to release these shoes in this year.  There is a wide demand for these shoes among the customers, the coloway of the shoes are designed in a unique way to add style to your feet. The seven models are well crafted in different color variations and can match with different attires.  These shoes are made with high leather for better durability and comfort.

The topsole of the shoes is designed with net like design which gives a boost to the look of the shoes. The swoosh is placed below the midsole and the common color used here is yellow. Only two models have red and white swoosh. The seven models are similar in design, this shoes gives ultimate comfort on your feet. These models are very simple in looks, not like the hybrid models.  These sneakers are in a great demand through out the world. The sports stores and retail stores are filled with orders; this shoe is expected to have great sales in the forthcoming year. The green black combination is the coolest shoes in this collection; the back sneaker with yellow is also a favorite among the customers. The Nike Hyperfuse 2011 – Preview has amazing models which is a must buy for you, to add in your sneaker collection

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