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Reebok Zig Sonic : It’s time to redesign soles

Reebok Zig Sonic We have spent a lot of words to describe the surface designs present in a particular shoe collection.  However, shoe sole designing was never given the same importance like that of the shoe surface designing.  This is unfortunate, because soles are of equal importance when compared with the shoe surfaces.  A well-designed shoe sole can attract the customers and have all the attentions the same way a well designed shoe surface does.  Reebok realized the need for redesigning the shoe soles, and they introduced the Zigzag patterned design for shoe soles. In their Reebok Zig Sonic offerings, you will get some smart sole designs.

First of all, the color contrasts.  In this collection, you will get the soles in attractive colors like Red, Vitriol Blue, or in Chrome Yellow. Once you look at this collection, you will feel that Reebok has given equal importance in designing the sole and choosing the right color contrast. This zigzag patterned design not only supports the feet, but also contributes an attractive look to the collection. Moving from the soles, you will get the fine mesh like designs on the upper, and on a closer look, you will feel that this upper is an ensemble of numerous structures. The color combination for the upper portion matches the color effect found in the soles, and three attractive models are there to grab your attention.  If the brighter shade colorways are the choice for you, don’t hesitate to have this Reebok Zig Sonic pair.  This collection will not let you down.

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Packer Shoes x Reebok Pump20 Samples: Revisit to acclaimed versions

Packer Shoes x Reebok Pump20 Samples

Not many times you will get to see that two different shoe manufactures have combined to design a new shoe collection.  This observation is even rare, if the two concerned shoe manufacturers have earned considerable reputation in their respective fields. In the tough competitive world of shoe business, nobody wishes to spare an extra inch to the competitor.  However, sometimes combining with the competitor can earn you a mile by sparing that extra inch, and that is what Reebok has done with Spare shoes.  Pump has been the leading brand for Reebok; in fact, they have launched a special edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pump in the trade.  As usual, the special edition rocked the shoe lovers, and people started expecting more from them.

As a result, Packer shoe came forward to join them with Nike, to result Packer Shoes x Reebok Pump20 Samples. This combination helped both of them synergistically, as these two shoe brands are quiet similar with each other.  In this combined effort, you will feel that you are revisiting the same simple and classical appeal of Pump you used to have way back 20 years ago. As the time has changed, few innovations are expected, and you will get interesting use of bright color splashes on the white outsole. Red features around the lining of the shoe collar, with few geometric designs in black on the white surface. Mesh cover lining appears in Gray, and respective logos of Reebok and Packer are on the backsides. These two companies have really set an example of collaborative effort by launching these Packer Shoes x Reebok Pump20 Samples.

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Packer Shoes x Reebok Pump20 – Unreleased Sample Versions: A look on the celebration pack

Packer Shoes x Reebok Pump20 – Unreleased Sample Versions

Different organizations have different ways in celebrating any noted event.  For Reebok, this celebration is always something special, and they launch something special to mark their achievement.  Pump has been enjoying the spearhead status for Reebok shoes, and this collection has spent 20 long and successful years in the trade.  Staying in business successfully for 20 long years is not an everyday affair anyway, and to mark this achievement, Reebok had taken a very innovative way.  They planned to launch not one, but 20 different designs for the Pump versions.  However, because of some difficulties, they could not launch all of them together, and few versions remained unreleased. Packer Shoes x Reebok Pump20 – Unreleased Sample Versions will throw some idea about them.

These unreleased versions differ from the original mainly in midsole designing. Unlike the original versions, you will get a sporty red-colored midsole, with tiny substance like designs all over the midsole. The paneling differs from the original as well, and unlike the white paneling, you will get the grey colored side paneling in this Packer Shoes x Reebok Pump20 – Unreleased Sample Versions. May be because of the specialty of the edition, they did not wish to incorporate the perforation on the upper portion. The logo of Packer features on the inner sides of the ankle collar, and unlike the original version, you get a lot of color contrasting in the surface designing. Truly, just the perfect idea to pay tribute to the most famous shoe range from Reebok.

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Swizz Beats x Reebok Sneaker Preview for the shoe lovers

Swizz Beats x Reebok Sneaker

Being under the limelight is not a new thing for Swiss Beats.  He is the personality from the entertainment and creative industry who needs no introduction for his work. Every time he offers something, it becomes the subject for the headlines. The latest buzz about him is his marriage, and he chose a new and unique way to mark the end of his bachelorhood.  Reebok has been sponsoring him for quite some time, and to mark the event of his lifetime, they have launched a brand new shoe collection this season.  In the Swizz Beats x Reebok Sneaker Preview you will get the idea about the collaborative effort. This shoe is a complete new design from Nike, and unlike the other offerings from Nike, this shoe is not a restructured form of the other shoe ranges.

In this complete new package, Swizz Beats himself shouldered the responsibility for designing.  Just like his creation, this design is different from the rest in the shoe trade.  You will get this exclusive shoe in two different colorways. In one version, you will get the zigzag patterned green lining along the outsoles, and for the upper, he has chosen contrasting between Black and White.  Black features all over the shoe surface, and white features on the tongue. Swizz Beats x Reebok Sneaker Preview lets you know about the color combination present in the other version as well, and it is a balancing between White and ash white.  You will get similar zigzag patterned design on the outsole of this second version as well.

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Reebok Zig Slash – Royal – White – Black – Go for the zig-zagging look

Reebok Zig Slash – Royal – White – Black

You are simply going to love the looks that this pair features. The Zig Tech sole in white looks amazing and contrast well with the black and blue upper. Whether it is the tessellated upper or the zig-zag sole your eyes will bounce from one feature to another. Even after looking to the pictures you will not have enough from this pair. The unique design of the upper gives an entire new look to this pair. The Reebok Zig Slash – Royal – White – Black will definitely grab a lot of attention. It is all set to be released. The batch will be limited so it is recommended that you pre-order one for yourself. You can track the release of this pair of sneakers on the internet.

You can also get all relevant information and can peep into the images of the pair as well.This is not all you can also place your order for the Reebok Zig Slash – Royal – White – Black online. This pair of sneakers sports a suede upper in a shade of royal blue. The perforations make this pair very breathable and the premium quality suede adds up to its durability. The nice and simple combination of royal blue is matched with a striking white outsole. The contrast is very interesting and helps in making the pair more stylish. The black laces complete the entire look of this pair. You can also find touches of black in the Form of Reebok branding. All these features make this a very interesting pair for the coming season.

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The Extreme Sneakers Hello Kitty x Reebok PT-20 INT ‘Plush Kitty’ Pack at set to hit the stores in November

Hello Kitty x Reebok PT-20 INT ‘Plush Kitty’ PackHello Kitty and Reebok have partnered together a number of times, but this time they have come out with one of the most extreme sneakers – the Hello Kitty x Reebok PT-20 INT ‘Plush Kitty’ Pack. The sporty looking mid-cut sneaker resembles a vivid kitty with its plush uppers. In place of the famous Sanrio cat, the top has been accented with bright red large sized bow. Giving a clear Hello Kitty face on thee outsole, the Hello Kitty x Reebok PT-20 INT ‘Plush Kitty’ Pack is available in three colorways – the all white, pink and black sneakers. The plush and smooth looks are a strong attraction for the young and the kids.These sneakers are the perfect choice for the cold and snowy winters.

The ‘Plush Kitty’ Pack is another evidence that proves that Reebok keeps thinking all the time. There is no doubt regarding the popularity of Hello Kitty, the famous Japanese character, which has taken up anything from Jumbo Jets to T-Shirts. The plush uppers of these sneakers have been taken from the materials used in stuffed animals. The PT-20 has been decked with translucent soles to reveal the beautiful designs at every angle. Designed especially with the winters in mind, the PT-20 INT is one unique sneaker collection which grabs attention from every sneaker-head. A must-have piece for this Holiday 2010 season, you should grab a pair of Hello Kitty x Reebok PT-20 INT ‘Plush Kitty’ Pack before it disappears at the shelves. Pre-orders are taking place, so place your orders today only because November, the releasing month has just begun

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Features you will get in Reebok Zig Slash White/Black

Reebok Zig Slash White/Black

Black and white is the two most basic color combinations in the creative industry.  In case of shoes, these two colors have complimented each other over the decades.  We have experienced a number of collections from innumerable shoemakers, and each of have tried this combination even once in their offerings.  Clearly, this fact tells about the huge popularity of this color combination, and that is why, even in the recent most trends, this combination makes its signature mark in the shoe industry.  This combination is always the win-win combination for any form of shoe design, and that is why they are still reckoned as one the most accepted color combination.  Not surprisingly, Reebok has relied upon this combination once again, in the form of their designer class called Reebok Zig Slash White/Black.

Here in this collection, you will find the classic counter balancing between black and white silhouettes.  There are a number of cuts available in the shoe designing, but if you are to give a classic look on the shoes,  Die cut designs are the first choice for the shoe manufactures. Here also, they have come up with the die cut pattern, and the upper in white colored synthetic material features these cuts on the black base. This cutting has replaced the conventional mesh like materials to allow ventilation for your feet.  In fact, you will find this perforation inducing design on the toes as well, to allow your feet to have a 360-degree ventilation.  The black mid and sole perfectly suits the overall appearance of this shoe as well.

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Stylish Reebok Pump Running Dual Light Grey/Aqua

Reebok Pump Running Dual Light Grey/Aqua

The Reebok Pump Running Dual Light Grey/Aqua is featured with stylish colorway and attractive design. The upper section of this sneaker is covered with subtle, modish color accents. Grey suede covered maximum area of the base while there is minimum section of grey mesh. There is a texture which is like net, appear on the collar and toe box. Reebok pump logo is placed on the side of the sneaker with the color of aqua blue. This color accents provide intriguing elements to the logo of Reebok pump. The laces of this sneaker are grey which matches with the upper section are completely. The textures of this sneaker and color scheme give it very attractive look to this sneaker. One can easily get the previews of these sneakers over the internet.

This sneaker is expected to hit the market very soon so you have to be ready to have the different experience of running and walking. This sneaker is made of best materials which compose it very durable and long lasting.  This sneaker is really worth of your investment. You will never regret on your choice to purchase this one. The aesthetic design and color scheme of this sneaker is very attractive and elegant. This sneaker will be the most demanding sneaker in the market because of its utility and features. The features of this sneaker make it very useful and stylish. It means this one is the combination of modern and classics look.  Therefore be ready to purchase this one. You can have this one shortest from the online stores.

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