Medusa Dunk Highs by Diversitile

Customs are always some of the best sneakers we will ever see. Designers put so much detail into their designs that its hard for people to hate. Well here is a pair of Nike Dunk Highs that had a lot of hard work put into it and boy did it ever pay off. These custom Nike Dunk Highs were designed by the kings of customs, Diversitile. Diversitile created this custom Dunk During the end of last year, but it has just surfaced. The sneaker is based off the Titan Gorgon Medusa. Diversitile had this idea for a long time, but not rushing the design was a great decision by Diversitile.

Most of the sneaker is covered with a stony cracked texture to represent the shoe being turned into stone. Red is used on areas such as the Nike Swooshes and tongue while grey is seen on the panels. A visual imagery of Medusa herself is placed towards the back of the sneaker with her eyes made of real red sapphires. To top off the whole design, Diversitile adds a custom box with the inside of the box lined with crushed velvet. These are one of the best customs i have ever seen and the box throws it over the top. Major props to Diversitile.

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  1. jim kenswick says:

    these shoes are right bang on

  2. LaEdrienne says:

    I would roc da hell outta dem shoes

  3. brittany says:

    man how much are these shoes.
    i would really rock tha hell outta them…… real talk.

  4. black jak says:

    those kicks turned me to stone

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