Nike Air Force 1 Low “2010 All-Star Game” Red Patent Leather

Sole is the same as before, staying true to tradition. This one is for the Western conference in the NBA. These are all special editions, there are 4 in the whole set, only one in high tops and colored grey. The brother of this slick kicks was shown below. Interesting note though, it seems the tongue logos are switched up for the red and blue versions. Here we see the red one have a blue Nike Air logo. While in the previous post, blue clearly has red logo emblazoned.

Quite a nice touch.And we’re thinking that the colorways are getting pretty old considering they’ve been using this for a long time now. You might want to check out the white version of this shoe, its quite strikingly neutral.

This one is another version of the slickest quadruplets in the history of Air Force Ones, the 2010 All Star Game Red patent leather version of the Nike Air Force 1 low.

Anyway, the shoe is done is red patent leather, same as the other blue patent we posted. Laces are still in white.


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  1. jermaine says:

    dis is da best shoes i have seen am in love with it

  2. jermaine says:

    dis is the best shoes i have seen am in love with it

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