Nike Air Force One “Japan”

Nike Air Force One
Another pack from Nike, the “World Series” is part of their Nike Air Force One 25th Anniversary celebration. This pack will start release at the beginning of July. Every city/country will have 3 sneakers at 3 levels and prices: Core, Premium, and Supreme. Here is the Japan model done in a purple/silver/blue colorway that looks good. The premium pair you can see next features premium leather and a nice purple sole. Between July and September 4 cities will be releasing their 3 pairs. China, Germany (Berlin), France (Paris), and USA (LA). We will keep you posted with more pics and info of this Nike Series.

Nike Air Force One

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  1. duck says:

    Not a major uptown fan but these are fresh!!!

  2. J says:

    I am goin to get these bad kicks!!!!

  3. riq says:

    my feet are hungry for these alredy!

  4. Paul says:

    Guyyy does ne1 no where i can get a custom design of a pair of all white air forces

  5. niasah says:

    those kicks iz hot im gonna get 2 pair,and they new releases

  6. Bushonomics says:

    these are the london world, theyre in ny this weekend

  7. jairo says:

    i have these, i have top ones, my cousin copped the bottoms. hit me up on myspacee

  8. angel says:

    i got the top ones!!!

  9. LFK"Cake" says:

    i need these i got like 38 pairs of kicks and im only 12 lol still g2g look fresh

  10. LFK"Cake" says:

    i g2g get these there fresh im only 12 and i got 39 pairs of kicks lol

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