Nike SB Dunk and Blazer Samples

Nike SB Dunk and Blazer Samples

Nike SB hasn’t done anything lately but some packs and different products. Here though are some of their upcoming sneakers possibly to be released. Above is the Nike SB Dunk Low called “Freedy Krueger”. The dunks feature the same colorway: red/green/tan, as Krueger’s sweater in the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ movies. Look for these to release as part of a “Horror Movie” pack during the Halloween season. Check out the SB Dunk Hi and the Nike Blazer High SB’s as well next.

Nike SB Dunk and Blazer Samples

Nike SB Dunk and Blazer Samples

Nike SB Dunk and Blazer Samples

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  1. whitelighter says:

    yooo them blazers are crazy hot. son, they crack

  2. rembo says:

    when these realesed? where i can get this shoes in indonesia

  3. darlean polkback says:

    the only thang i dont like bout yall shoe it tear up to fast.and the material is so cheat. but they r cute.

  4. Mitch says:

    they are dope i got a pear but black and purple

  5. kelvin says:

    when do the nike sb dunk freedy kreuger sneakers come out??????????????????????

  6. will says:

    where can i get sum kruegers at dawg?

  7. ben haney says:

    dude. those blazers are kicken but yo. you got to email me when those get realesed man. those are sick.

  8. sneaker prince overall says:

    Yo i have to get all four when they get released

  9. YeZZur says:

    awww bluddy the krugers smak harder than a triple stack and s0 do the blue and white blazers… are those suppose 2 b jason???

  10. Stephano says:

    where and how much for the krugers?

  11. B3tty says:

    I’m Luvin it!

  12. B3CK@ says:

    OMG! them is crack! where can i get em??

  13. B3CK@ says:

    where cani get em at

  14. kso says:

    where will i be able to purchase the halloween shoes??

  15. Bernard says:

    i would only rock these sneakers during halloween.

  16. Bernard says:

    i was talking about the freddy kruegers only ^

  17. cutie says:

    omg those blusih purples are sick!!!!!
    but mines are sicker with the pink on the bottom i have like 8 pair suckas…….jealous?!
    u should be.. kisses<3

  18. mZ.dOpE fReSh says:

    y wD nEbOdY b jEaLoUs.. nEwHo tHoSe bLaZeRz r DoPe gOtTa cOpE eM aSaP.. wHeNeVeR tHeY cUm oUt…(CANT WAIT)

    *mZ.sneaker fiend*

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