Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 – Fall 2011 Preview for your choice

Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 – Fall 2011 Preview

The Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 – Fall 2011 Preview is a stunning collection from the shoe pioneer Nike. This time Nike has come out with this kind of models to ultimate comfort on your feet. The Nike Company has experimented this time with different shades of colors to match your comfort. The five models are the top selling models in the market; the red color combination is the first choice of customers, who wants   to add a bit of fun to their feet. This shoe is designed in a simple way; the upper sole of the shoes is designed with blue leather.The Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 – Fall 2011 Preview has a midsole which is white in color which is divided by a blue line .

The bottom sole of the shoe is black in color with a good grip . The swoosh is designed in red which matches with the blue color.  This shoe can be worn with any dress materials to give a good contrast with the attire. The shoes give complete comfort to you feet and helps in better moments of your feet. This shoe is a high demand among the customers because of its simple look and comfortable fittings. This collection has various choices, which you can choose according to your mood. There are five shades of colors available in the collection. The more details are available in the net; you can get these models in all the leading sports stores. This is a must buy shoes, if you like comfort.

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