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Nike Air Max 95 Black/Varsity Red, the perfect match to your feet

Nike Air Max 95 Black/Varsity Red

The Nike Air Max 95 Black/Varsity Red is the latest collection by the Shoe pioneer Nike, the colorway of red and black gives a stunning look on you feet. The Nike Air Max 95 Black/Varsity Red is a hot selling shoe in the current market with many satisfied customers. The red and black combination goes well with all attires. The stores are filled with die hard fans of Nike, who wants to have a grab on the shoes. The color of the shoes is well designed by studying the moods of the customers, and matches with the occasions. The shoe is designed in a brilliant way; the upper sole of the shoes is black in color and it is made with high quality leather.

The midsole of the shoes are red in color which gives a unique touch to the shoes. The bottom of the shoes is black in color   with a extra grip to prevent skidding. The swoosh is very small and it is placed near the side of the ankle, another striking design is the lace holes which is designed with red and black stripes. The inner portion of he shoes is wide enough to give good comfort to the feet, and keeps your ankle safe from sprains and injuries. This is a unique shoes which you must add in you sneaker collection. To know more about this sneaker, you can log in to the website and read the reviews .This shoe is a must to add in you sneaker collection

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Nike iD Zoom Kobe VI Options Preview

Nike iD Zoom Kobe VI

This Christmas, Nike iD has blessed us with its new Zoom Kobe VI. This new low –cut light weight shoe weighs just 10.6 ounces (men’s US sizes 9). The shoe is crafted and designed to give the enhanced Kobe experience of footwear. The visual appearance of a shoe resembles the skin of the Black Mamba. The term “Venomenon” is carved to give the notion of deadly characteristics of the Black Mamba.

Zoom Kobe VI is not just superior in looks but the technical aspect is also efficient enough to achieve greater performance. Zoom Kobe VI features solid rubber outsole, which is cross sectioned for excellent durability and traction. Outsole flex groves are modified to provide the flexibility to the foot. It moves naturally with the foot to provide enhanced articulation. The injected phylon midsole are also available for more anatomically correct fit and addition ultra lightweight cushioning for foot.

The Flywire-mesh lamination is incorporated in Zoom Kobe VI to provide a dynamic fit. In addition, polyurethane outer shell of a shoe enhances the overall durability. Moreover, the shoes have three-layer Flywire package, which is engineered to enhance breathability, minimize weight and maximize the support. The outer shell is an inspiration from the Black Mamba.

Other features like, injected TPU Heel Counter works efficiently with the sock liner to cup the foot for a comfort fit in the heal. Low-cut profile of shoe height provides multidirectional cutting and responsiveness on the court. Moreover, features like sculpted dual density of sockliner provide enhanced support for cutting on court and custom fit with lightweight experience.

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Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) – ‘Kinbe Pa Lage’ – Help Haiti PE the latest creation by Nike

Nike Air Max LeBron

Nike is the pioneer in shoe making industry with high quality sneakers in the word for basketball players. The company designs the shoes by taking inspirations from the players. Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) – ‘Kinbe Pa Lage’ – Help Haiti PE is the signature shoes from the basketball legend  Max Le Baron  ,The color combination of this shoe is amazing with high quality leather and a green  sole. The bottom of the sole is green in color with white deign, this shoes gives ultimate comfort to your feet with the cushioning features in this shoes. This shoe keeps you ankle safe from sprains and twists, one can have a good moment to your feet. You can find small grains of green particles in the white design

This sneaker gives an absolute comfort to the basket ball players and helps them to win matches.  Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) – ‘Kinbe Pa Lage’ – Help Haiti PE is made with high a lot of study to match with the choice of the basket ball players.  The upper portion of the shoe is designed with high quality white leather with a combination of green lines drawn in different patten. This shoe is very popular among the die hard fans of basket ball. The swoosh of Nike is designed with a gold colored paint, which is a perfect contrast with green background.  This shoes matches with different attires and can give a freaky look on you feet. To know more about the previews of this shoe, you can   visit the website fore further reference.

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The ultimate Nike Lunar Orbit – Spring 2011 to make you feet comfortable

Nike Lunar Orbit – Spring 2011

The ultimate Nike Lunar Orbit – Spring 2011 is the latest collection of shoes offered by Nike. The Nike Lunar Orbit – Spring 2011 has a collection of   various breath taking colors to suit your feet. The designers have made a different approach in designing this shoe with brilliant colors. These collections of shoes are yet to be released in the market. These shoes have same features but only the color changes. These shoes can be worn for day to day rough use and goes well with all the dresses. The most attractive model in this lunar orbit collection is the green and black shades. These shoes are made with special quality leather for better durability, these shoes are light weight. This shoe gives a new look on you feet with sparkling colors.

These shoes are made with ultimate perfection to match you r life style. There is a huge demand for these shoes in the market and the stores are filed with bulk orders form the customers. The most amazing feature of this shoe is the designs which are found on the top sole of the shoes with diamond shaped design. The shoe is entirely different from the other models and has a different touch of style. The Nike Lunar Orbit – Spring 2011 shoes are not released in the market, if you want to have a scan of this sneaker, you can visit online. You can read previews of this shoe online; there are nine models available in nine different colors. This shoes is a must buy to be added in you Nike collection.

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Get the new Nike Zoom Kobe VI this December

Nike Zoom Kobe VIThe Nike Zoom Kobe VI – Tech Info – Reference is the latest creation from Nike Brand which is yet to be released; the shoe is expected to be released in December 2010. The shoe is brilliantly designed to give a deadly look to the shoes.  Each and every part of this shoe is carefully designed to give to top quality performance. The black and yellow combination gives a stunning look to the shoes. The entire body of the shoes looks like a snake skin with mamba inspiration.The shoe is designed with a special kind of form to give a light weight to the shoes. One of the amazing features of Nike Zoom Kobe VI – Tech Info – Reference shoe is the matrix codes which can be seen on the side of the sole.

It is a special kind of language. The heel of the shoes is designed with special units to give ultimate comfort to the feet. The sole of the shoes is designed with special kind of rubber for extra grip and durability. The out sole of this shoe gives a good flexibility of moments. This shoe can be considered as the latest sneaker designed with special technology. Many scientific factors can be found in this shoe like the injected heel counter and high density socks liner etc. This is a amazing design with all the advanced features. To know more about this sneaker you can log on to the website for more information. This shoe is the ultimate shoe one should posses to feel the difference.

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The Nike Sky Force 88 VNTG – Upcoming Colorways the ultimate design by Nike

Nike Sky Force 88 VNTG – Upcoming Colorways

The Nike Sky Force 88 VNTG – Upcoming Colorways has a good colorway of red and white, which gives a amazing look to the shoe. This is the latest creation by the world famous brand Nike. The white and read contrast gives a good look on the feet. The top sole of the shoe is made of white leather with a red swoosh of Nike. The midsole of the shoe is yellow and has a goods combination with white. The Nike Sky Force 88 VNTG – Upcoming Colorways are available in two designs black/white and white/red. Both the shoes are made with sports leather for more durability and comfort. The upper potion of the shoes is slightly ankled to keep the feet safe from sprains and twists. The both models have the same characteristics but only the color differs.

This shoes model is yet to be released in the market and there is a huge rush in the stores for this pair of shoes. This shoe is only available in limited editions across the world. This shoe is a must to be added in the shoe collection. The black/ white is the common choice among he customer, this shoes has the ultimate built in technology to give maximum comfort to your feet. This pair of shoes looks decent on the feet and goes well with sports or casual outfits. To know more about this shoe, you can log in to the net for more previews and articles. This shoes is a master piece which you should add your sneaker collection.

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Nike Sportswear – Spring 2011 Footwear + Apparel Preview

Nike Sportswear – Spring 2011 Footwear + Apparel Preview

Nike is feeling proud to release its one of the most effective product in the coming year. People from all around the world are trying hard to get the Nike Sportswear – Spring 2011 Footwear + Apparel Preview. This is because Nike has tried to put in all its effort to present some highly effective as well comfortable product for the people all over the world. The collection includes some highly attractive as well as amazing shoes along with captivating color blocking designs. Apart from the shoes, there is a set of exclusive jacket as well as sweat shirts in the collection which is another point of attraction for various Nike lovers.

The shoes available in this range are of various color schemes like the attractive deep blue, the amazing light brown as well as the tranquil white. In the blue ones you would find the popular white logo of Nike. In the white ones you would find a tint of green which makes the product a highlighting option. The sweat shirts as well as the jackets are also available in various color schemes making the entire collection highly attractive. Due to the impressive style of the product people are searching on internet every now and then so as to get the Nike Sportswear – Spring 2011 Footwear + Apparel Preview. This is the reason that the collection has gathered impressive popularity even before its release in the market. So what are you waiting for? Go online and catch the first look of this amazing product on the various websites.

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Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 LE – White – Brown – Gum

Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 LE – White – Brown – GumNike is one of the eminent brands in the fashion industry since a long time. The products launched by this recognized brand are usually a matter of attractiveness along with great comfort. Same is the case with its latest release in the shoe industry whose name is Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 LE – White – Brown – Gum. It is one of the classic products launched by Nike which comprises several stylish as well as durable aspects in it. The product has effect of white leather on the upper portion, a highly attractive brown swoosh along with a captivating sole of gum. Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 LE – White – Brown – Gum is getting released in the coming year however the captivation of this highly amazing product could be felt effectively from now itself.

Most of the shoe lovers are making online searches so as to get the first look of the product on the websites. One of the effective and efficient things is that the online purchase of this highly captivating product could be possible just after its release in the market. The product is not just attracting the Nike lovers but every genre of people whosoever keeps on looking for some magnificent product in the footwear market. So it’s just a matter of sometime that the people have to wait to purchase this amazing product. After sometime everyone would be able to bring this captivating product at home experience its impressive style, great comfort along with high amount of eminence.

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