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Get the reverse color look with the Fragment Design x Nike Dunk Hi Black/Purple

Fragment Design x Nike Dunk Hi Black/Purple

The sneakerheads were yet not done with the earlier dunk release, when another new release came their way. The Fragment Design x Nike Dunk Hi Black/Purple features the logo of the double lightning of fragment design. The signature Dunk theme is maintained in this pair as well. This pair also features strong and solid color combination of purple and black. Each shoe in this pair sports the opposite colors of its partner. The left sneaker is constructed with a purple overlay along with a leather base in the shade of black. The reverse color scheme is used for the right sneaker. This reverse combination of colors makes this pair very interesting and different from other pairs.

This pair is all ready to be released in the mid-December, so the fans have to wait for some time before this amazing pair is released. Starting from the silhouette to the design, all the aspects are very innovative and render freshness to this pair. Those who are looking for something dark and warm must have a look at the Fragment Design x Nike Dunk Hi Black/Purple. The logo of fragment design is positioned on the heel area and as per the assumptions, it can also be found on the insole. This has been done to join the collaborative attempt. According to the reports, this color scheme will be released along with two more color schemes. Before this pair hits the market, you can have a detailed look at this pair by checking out the pictures available over the internet.

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Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V-Rod Navy & Black

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V-Rod Navy & Black

If you fed up with the regular sneakers, and want to get a low-top sneaker for your collection, then Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V-Rod Navy & Black will be the best bet. This attractive signature pair will hit the market after the New Year. This pair is actually a flagship model from SB and takes this brand back to the period when sneakers used to feature simple designs. Here you can have a look at the two very clean colors used for the sneakers. Both the pair features navy blue and black suede uppers placed on vulcanized soles. Each of the pair of Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V-Rod Navy & Black also comprises of identical leather Swooshes.

There are certain features, which provide these pairs a unique identity of their own.The pair that features navy blue color comes with a gingham liner in navy shade. Moreover, the black pair has a red interior, which makes this pair even more attractive and different from the other. You can choose a color according to your own preference. Both the colors look very clean and render a very effective look to the pairs. The white sole balances the whole look and gives a very contrast to the dark and solid colors. You can keep a track on these pair with the help of an online search. You can also access the detailed images of the pair on the internet. Therefore, if you want to go back to the early times then this pair will refresh your memories.

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Get a blend of nice materials with nice colors with Nike Zoom KD III White/Team Orange ‘Home’

Nike Zoom KD III White/Team Orange ‘Home’

Nike Zoom KD III White/Team Orange ‘Home’ is a new version of the pair offered by Nike and it is very different from the earlier version. Instead of thunder blue this pair features a more interesting color scheme of team orange and white. The upper of this pair is dominantly covered with white and accents of orange can be seen on the border of the Swoosh as well as on the tongue border and the inner lining. The shade of DelSol is used very minimally and can be seen on the edge of the logo of Kevin Durant, the Flywire design and the tongue. All the colors look very nice on the white base and render a very fresh feel to the pair.

The upper of this pair is constructed with full-grain synthetic leather along with a flashing panel made up of lustrous micro-perforated leather. This color scheme will be a KD darling in the coming games. You can take a closer look at the pair on the internet. The detailed images of this pair are easily available on the internet. You can also get all the other information which is relevant to this pair. If you are looking for a perfect blend of fresh colors and high quality materials, then Nike Zoom KD III White/Team Orange ‘Home’ will be the best option for you. So just go and grab a pair for your collection and enjoy this new and amazing color combination until the latest releases and color schemes come your way.

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Nike Dunk High Black/Red the deadly combination of black and red

Nike Dunk High Black/RedThe Nike Dunk High Black/Red is the latest creation of Nike’s brand, which is yet to be released in the stores. The shoe is Nike Dunk High Black/Red expected to be in the stores by Jan 2011. These are unique shoes from Nike.  This shoe is made of high quality leather with a funky contrast of black and red combination with a simple design This. shoe has a   high demand among the sneaker freaks; this color combination goes well with jeans and other casual attires. The rim of the midsole is white in color with a black bottom; extra grips are designed to prevent slipping of your feet. The red leather is sewed to the black leather with a fine thread like fabric.

The swooshed is read in color and is designed on the sides of the shoes. The logo and the name of the brand is sewed on the flap of the shoes. The Nike Dunk High Black/Red shoes have an eye-catching combination of read and black with flat lace. The tip of the shoes has small holes for air ventilation to keep your feet fresh without sweating. The inside of the shoes is designed with an inner sole which keeps your feet safe from sprains and injuries. One can visit the online websites to know more about the reviews of these shoes. The Nike has stated this New Year with new designs; the Nike Dunk High Black/Red is a unique design which makes you a proud owner of this shoe.

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Nike Zoom LeBron III “Superman” ultimate shoe s for Basketball lovers

“Nike Zoom LeBron III “Superman”

The “Nike Zoom LeBron III “Superman” is the ultimate creation by Nike, this shoe draw inspiration from the NBA legends like Clark Kent and LeBron. The most amazing feature of this shoe is the color combination which resembles the Superman, the combination of Blue, Red white and Yellow colors give a funky look to you feet. The ankle is slightly   raised to give good support to you ankles and keeps your leg from twists and sprain. The sole of the shoes is made with a combination of four colors; the bottom of the shoe is also made with this combination. The overall combination of colors makes this shoe attractive and gives a good support to the ankle movements.

The upper position is white in color with a white lace, and the lace is held with the help of yellow lace holes. This shoe is one of the favorites of all NBA players, this shoe help you to move with the game without any injuries. The side of the shoes is made with soft materials which give a good support to you feet and free moments. The shoes look clean and decent with the four color combinations which give a funky look to you feet. This model is a high demand among the basket ball players. To know more about “Nike Zoom LeBron III “Superman”, the internet is the best option. You can view the pictures as well as read the reviews of this shoe. This shoe is the ultimate piece which you should add to you Nike’s collection.

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The Nike Air Max CB34 Black/Club Purple the shoes for Basketball Heros

Nike Air Max CB34 Black/Club PurpleThe Nike Air Max CB34 Black/Club Purple is the ultimate sneaker which is the unique collection of Nike. This shoe takes the inspiration from the early basket ball sneakers. This shoe as a unique combination of black and purple colors which is a good choice of the customers. The latest Nike Air Max CB34 Black/Club Purple is the ultimate shoes which one needs to keep his hands on. This shoe was lunched in the market on Dec 2010, which witnessed huge sales in the first one week. The shoes are designed with high quality materials and techniques to with withstand tough use. Sole of the shoes is made with high quality rubber, which gives ultimate comfort while jumping and running.

The entire shoe is black, with a slight touch of purple colors behind the angle and flap of the shoes.These shoes have a high demand among the youngsters, this shoe go well with Jeans and other casual attires. The shoe gives a good cushioning to the feet and helps in free moments. The sides of the shoes have white stripes, which resemble like a zebra. The bottom of the shoes has a good grip with the combination of Black, purple and white colors. Also the word CB34 is written in orange color underneath the bottom of the shoes. To know more about these shoes one can log on to the website for more articles and pictures.

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Glitter you feet with the new LIVESTRONG x UNDFTD x Nike Air Force 1 Supreme

LIVESTRONG x UNDFTD x Nike Air Force 1 Supreme

The LIVESTRONG x UNDFTD x Nike Air Force 1 Supreme is the new creation by the leading brand Nike. This shoe is a sportswear shoe with an attractive combination of yellow and black shades. The combination of back and yellow gives a good contrast to the shoes. This shoe is designed to keep your feet safe and comfort from sprains and ankle twists. This shoe is the signature style Lance Armstrong which gives an Air force style to you feet. If you look at the design of this shoe, the midsole of the shoes, we can see a military styled wring Onyourbikekid in a stunning diagonal style. The bottom of the shoes is yellow with a tight grip which prevents slipping.

The logo of Nike is designed on the sides of the shoes; the flap of the shoes has the words Armstrong written in black in the yellow background. The lace of the shoes is flat, which is put in between eight   lace holes. Behind the ankle of the shoes, you can find the logo of Nike brand, which is printed on a yellow background. This shoe is highly inspired by Air force 1 men around the world. The previews and reviews are available online, with the images of shoes in different angles. The LIVESTRONG x UNDFTD x Nike Air Force 1 Supreme is a must have shoes, which should be added to your prestigious collection of Nike.

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Catch the first look of Nike Zoom LeBron V OSU PE

Nike Zoom LeBron V OSU PE

Nike Zoom LeBron V OSU PE is a latest release in the shoe industry which has attracted a large number of shoe lovers without taking much time. It is a product which has all the beneficial features which is usually expected from every shoe lovers from a perfect product. Be it the stylish appearance, the comfortable feeling or the great material used in the product, all these elements contributes in the total popularity of the product to greater extent. Taking a close look on the specifications of the product, it is available in the highly gleaming red and white combined color scheme. Apart from this, the chrome highlighting element of the shoes along with the exclusive and appealing logo work on the product makes it even more eye-catching for various genres of shoe lovers all around the world.

The shoe lovers have an option to get this amazing product called Nike Zoom LeBron V OSU PE online as well. If you do a research online you would finds that there are numerous websites which selling this amazing product easily. If you are unable to go to the showroom of the product, then online shopping would be the great option for this purpose. However you need to be really careful while purchasing this product online so as to avoid several unwanted situations. All in all it could be said that this is amazing product which is a must buy for every shoe lover who wants something exclusive as well as stylish in his collection.

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