Ato Matsumoto

Ato Matsumoto Sneaker #1

I know some of you are wondering if these are those “futuristic” sneakers that Marty was wearing on the Hollywood movie Back To The Future…. but I’m here to tell you they’re not. These Ato Matsumoto shoes are becoming increasingly popular in Japan, and have recently been worn on a regular basis by the recording artist Kanye West.

I did not post these kicks to jump on the bandwagon like many others, but my motive was to get an idea of what the audience here at feels about these kicks. Personally…. I’d never buy them, but it would be nice to see what it feels like to play basketball in them; for some reason they look extremely comfortable to me. Check out the other pictures below, and of course….. Enjoy!

Ato Matsumoto Sneaker #2

Ato Matsumoto Sneaker #3

Ato Matsumoto Sneaker #4

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  1. PONIC says:


  2. Q Chile says:

    damn dem hos clean

  3. NICH says:

    I got a red one right now..(: their great.. very comfortable.. good for skating..(:

  4. D ROC says:

    You skate in yours??? i guess you got the knock off ones because i dont think you would be skating in $500 shoes… not unless you got it like that (doubtful)

  5. AxelKrad says:

    Where I can get this shoes???

  6. greed says:

    they arent $500, i got mine for about $350 minus the shipping
    and they are pretty comortable

  7. illa says:

    were can i find the ral ones at i dnt trust ebay

  8. RTF says:

    for real were can i get the real ones i dont trust no sites that be given them for like 60 bucks

  9. bad says:

    bought these ho’s for 450 on…not comfortable at all and all the ni99a’s hated so much that i started hatin on em too……whack ass shoes i sold them 2 weeks later for 100 and yea i got it like that.

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