Feel the touch of Christmas with Anta KG1 “Christmas”

Anta KG1 “Christmas”

The Anta KG1 “Christmas” is the new design of shoes which is about to be released for Christmas. This shoes has drawn attention of all the customers due to the Santa clause looks. This shoe is made with white leather and has green and red edges. This shoe is dedicated to the basketball star Kevin Granette, who wanted to play the game on Christmas day. The designer of this shoe has given a different look to the color and appearance, the model of the shoes has a high demand among the die hard fans of NBA. This shoes has a upper sole which is made of white leather with green edges, the lace pad of the shoe is white in color and has holes for air ventilations.

On the neck of the lace pad we can see a beautiful black design.The lace of the shoes is designed in a unique manner, the lace holes are designed on the inner part of the shoes lace. The other two lace holes are designed on the upper neck of the shoes. The mid sole of the shoe is white in color with a red edge; front portion of the mid sole is green in color. The designer of this shoe has carefully made this shoe by taking the example of a Christmas tree. The bottom sole of the shoe is green in color with an extra grip. The Anta KG1 “Christmas” shoes is a must buy, if you are a sneaker lover, and add it in your precious collection of shoes.

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