Supra EE Avenger

This signature pro model of Erick Ellington, Supra Avenger, has drawn a lot of criticism of being a rip-off and lacking originality because of its odd familiarity to Jordan’s IV “Bred” from which Supra actually got its musing.  This Supra EE Avenger is packaged as low-top skate ready sneakers with colors of black nubuck and white leather.  Black, grey and red colors come into play around the air bubble and underside support as well as in the midsole, that is why many Jordan IV shoe fans are outraged by Supra’s lack of ingenuity and even think a lawsuit is in order for breaching originality, although for being branded as a skate shoe, this new release 2010 Supra EE Avenger comes across well enough for the good support soles and black leather exterior.  Not a good buy if you are Nike avid, though.  Let’s just hope the comfort of its interior will compensate for the rip‑off in its overall design.


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