Reebok Reverse Jam “Monopoly” Pack

Reebok Reverse Jam Monopoly Pack - #1

We told you about these Monopoly shoes a few months back. The Reebok Reverse Jam “Monopoly” Pack is inspired by the legendary board game and features three different version of the Reverse Jam – each inspired by a different aspect of the game.

If you like these kind of bold shoes that are more conversational pieces than anything, then you will definitely like this pack. Though I’m not a big fan of these shoes, I think the dice laces on the version above and pretty sweet. These shoes are very detailed, so cool to just check out all the details. If anything, these kicks are a good collectible.

Look for these at Reebok retailers in upcoming months – tentative release date is the end of August. Via High Snobiety and Streething.

Reebok Reverse Jam Monopoly Pack - #2

Reebok Reverse Jam Monopoly Pack - #3

Reebok Reverse Jam Monopoly Pack - #4

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  1. megp says:

    so wicked add these to my list of must haves plz!

  2. soon2bdawinna says:

    dey kinda jockin off jays, but dey still fly, like liu kang. haha!

  3. Staanakaalicia says:

    The laces on the white pair are sweet.
    I love the whole monopoly theme.
    And the black shoes are awsome.

  4. bailey says:

    they are mad sick

  5. tau says:

    actually i kinda like these forreal its a different look than a normal shoe

  6. Samuel Molina says:

    ok what are these here about? they look very intriging. i kind of dig em alot for sum reason. strange

  7. Diamond says:

    hi my name is diamond and i want to know how did yall make them shoes man them is off the chain i about to get some of those them will go with my outfit that i have but i will talk to u later

  8. J-wê£z¥ツ says:

    man diz iz raw wh3re can i get sum

  9. Lovedeesshoes says:

    ya yo….where i get these?!

  10. igotem says:

    Yea i just found a pair for $35 and there hot. I love these shoes get coments from everybody. I’m tellin you, you gotz to get these if you want attention.

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