Reebok Reverse Jam

Reebok Reverse Jam - #1

Available at is this new colorway for the Reebok Reverse Jam. In recent months, the Reebok Reverse Jams have once again become popular. This new colorway promises to add even more to the popularity of these kicks.

While these shoes are mostly white, there are a lot of secondary colors and a lot of flamboyant patterns and textures. The secondary colors include green, blue and yellow. Probably the courageous aspect of the shoe is the yellow and green paint splatter. On the tongue, the Reverse Jam logo appears in yellow.

Reebok Reverse Jam - #2

Reebok Reverse Jam - #3

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  1. floyd says:

    those are tigth.

  2. Staanakaalicia says:

    The low cut are awsome I want a pair.

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