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Dream Bigger with Adidas adiRose 1.5 – White – Silver – Red

Adidas adiRose 1.5 – White – Silver – RedThe Adidas Group is a renowned name in the shoe manufacturing world. Since many decades, Adidas has been considered as the best running shoe manufacturer. No doubt, they also specialize in all type of shoes from skateboarding shoes to the basketball shoes. Recently, Adidas has rolled out the new Adidas adiRose 1.5 – White – Silver – Red. The shoe features unique yet attractive colorway of white, silver and red. The adiRose 1.5 is a second signature shoe of famous Derrick Rose, who is NBA basketball player. The shoe features the lightweight and breathable material, which is a type of fibrous material to facilitate better foot comfort during the game. The shoe has perforation at toe cap for enhanced breathability. Unique breathability feature from side panel to the ankle collar enhances the look of the shoe.

Moreover, the shoe is graced by the perfect blend of colors at the right part, which increases the visibility of the shoe.The Adidas adiRose 1.5 – White – Silver – Red is incorporated with the light-weight upper construction to provide better comfort. The shoe is also incorporated with the adiPRENE, which provides greater foot cushioning. Also, this facility is incorporated in the forefoot of a shoe to provide enhanced forefoot momentum at toe-off. Moreover, the shoe also has foot stability technology known as Torsion. It enables the better rotation between the heel and the forefoot. In simple words, it provides the enhanced midfoot support. The solid rubber outsole provides the much needed traction with the durability. Also, the herringbone pattern on the outsole enhances the traction ability on the wooden court.

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The New Adidas Originals Superstar II ‘Snake Pack’ – Footprint Exclusive to Make Everything Possible

Adidas Originals Superstar II ‘Snake Pack’ – Footprint Exclusive

The Adidas is a renowned name in the sneaker manufacturing industry. Since many years Adidas has manufactured and launched many favorite shoes, which has become the trademark in shoe industry. Recently, the Adidas Originals Superstar II ‘Snake Pack’ – Footprint Exclusive is introduced; it has two attractive low-top profile designs with the enchanting colorway. Since 1970s, the Adidas superstar has been endorsed and loved by many people. These new collections of Superstar II are the updated versions of Superstar series. It has eco-friendly features with the suede leather upper and the textile 3-stripes. The shoe features the metallic gold colorway on the heel tabs, tongue labels which blend perfectly with the black and rich burgundy upper colorway. Moreover, the white color hint on stripes, outsole and toe cap of the shoes give perfect look to the shoe.

Also, the fake snakeskin stripes in toe cap provides unique look to the shoe.The Adidas Originals Superstar II ‘Snake Pack’ – Footprint Exclusive includes two iconic shoes that have perforation along the stripes for the breathability. Both of the shoes are incorporated with the rubber toe protection with the rubber sole that do not leave marks during traction. The revolutionary technology of Adidas has induced the popularity of Superstar among all the people around the globe. The leather upper of the shoe provides comfort it and dual sense of stylish and casual footwear. The shoe is perfect to wear with all type of clothes. Also, you can wear the shoes for all purpose from basketball court to the street. This renowned Superstar II can give you everything from foot comfort to better visibility.

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The adidas Skateboarding Campus Vulc – Black – Blue – Red for ultimate comfort

adidas Skateboarding Campus Vulc – Black – Blue – Red

The adidas Skateboarding Campus Vulc – Black – Blue – Red shoe is a simple design from the shoe brand adidas which gives a unique look on the feet. This is a rare colorway that no one has in their possession.  Apart form the simple looks, this shoes gives a light weight and comfort to your feet. You can use this shoe for casual purposes like running and walking. The color combination of red, blue and black goes well with the design of the shoes and can give a funky look when worn with jeans and other casual attires. The designs of the shoes are very elegant; the top sole of the shoe is black in color with the original stripes of adidas which is a combination of black and blue.

The whole body of the shoe is made with high quality leather, the lace pad of the shoe is black in color and at the tip of the shoe pad, and we can see the logo and brand design of adidas. The adidas logo is also designed on the back portion of the shoes and it is designed in red color. The mid sole of the shoe is white in color with a black lining the name of adidas and the word skateboarding is placed beneath on the mid sole. The bottom sole of the shoe is black in color and gives a good grip to the shoes. The adidas Skateboarding Campus Vulc – Black – Blue – Red is a must buy shoe for all sneaker lovers and feel the difference.

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Get the feel that you are in space ship with the Star Wars x adidas Originals Ultrastar

Star Wars x adidas Originals Ultrastar

The Star Wars x adidas Originals Ultrastar is the freaky collection of shoes from the shoe pioneer adidas. This times adidas has tried a new look on your feet with the star war collection. This shoe has taken the inspiration from the famous TV program know as star wars. These collection of footwear is simply outstanding and gives a funky look on your feet, these are the must buy shoes which one should add to his sneaker collection. The color combination of the shoe is amazing, which comes in red and black color way. The Star Wars x adidas Originals Ultrastar is made with quality class leather to give longstanding durability and ultra comfort.The logo of adidas has a new look with the name of star wars.

This shoe is a common choice for all the youngsters, they love to wear these shoes and freak out in the streets. There is a huge demand for these shoes in the market, the shoe stores are filled with huge orders from the customers.  The Star Wars x adidas Originals Ultrastar is a simple shoe and can be used for walking and running. This shoe is unique from the other hybrid model which is introduced by adidas. The adidas has tried a new experiment in designing this shoe so that the customers can feel some difference in their fashion and trends. These shoes are available in all leading sports stores, one can also order these shoes form the online stores.  This is a must buy shoes for all the shoe lovers and feel the difference in style and comfort.

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World Is Your Ground with New Adidas Skateboarding Campus Vulc – Black – Blue – Red

Adidas Skateboarding Campus Vulc – Black – Blue – RedThe Adidas is a renowned name in the sneaker world. The company has lined up some unique skateboarding shoes that have been gaining lot of appreciation from all around the world. Recently, the Adidas has introduced a new Adidas Skateboarding Campus Vulc – Black – Blue – Red. The shoe colorway of rich black, blue and red blends perfectly to give versatile look to the shoe. Moreover, the white outsole is also blend perfectly with black upper colorway to give enchanting look to the shoe. The black lining at the midsole is an additional feature that enhances the overall look of the shoe. Suede upper and cushioning at the ankle provides better feel and comfort to the shoe. At the rear side of the shoe, you will see the logo of Adidas. The patent three strips on the side panel of the shoe is another trade mark of the Adidas footwear.

The Adidas Skateboarding Campus Vulc – Black – Blue – Red is designed specifically to provide foot comfort to the skaters. The shoe features perforated suede upper, which provides enhanced breathability to the shoe. The shoe is also incorporated with the PU sockliner that reduces the pressure on the foot and act as an impact absorber. The shoe C-shaped heel cup if made of pliable plastic for the better foot positioning and stability. Moreover, the rubber outsole of the shoe provides durability and traction. Additionally, the herringbone pattern on the outsole provides added traction on most of the surface. The shoe has perfect casual look with the better foot comfort.

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Adidas TS Heat Check: The Stylish Performer

Adidas TS Heat Check

These adidas hot shoes are designed especially for the better playing in the basket ball court. The hotter the game actions more active will be your Adidas TS Heat check. These Adidas TS Heat Check basketball shoes are built with heat-sensitive material and as the heat surrounds the foot the 3-Stripes stand out to help you keep working out. They also have the lightweight PURE MOTION platform which help in the smoother cuts as well as TORSION® SYSTEM and adiPRENE®+ support and maintains propulsion and efficiency of the forefoot. It is well equipped with Air mesh upper for maximum ventilation within and man-made patent leather trim for sturdiness with high-gloss finish for shine and glossy looks. The Compression is molded with EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning and it has anatomically profiled foot bed which enhances maximum comfort.

This basket ball shoe also has Non-marking lucid rubber outsole for high scratch confrontation. And it has been worn by Michael Beasley, T.J. Ford, Nene, and Brook Lopez making Adidas TS Heat Check irresistible for many around the globe. This is the most attractive model mostly worn and preferred by many players. It is unique in design and the ambiguity of their player function has made this simply efficient shoe more popular. The best part of the shoe is the collar closure system. It also gives great lockdown, ankle support, and a terry cloth type feel. There’s also an integrated lacing system with the tongue and collar therefore it can be worn both in the court and also as the casual wear.

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Celebrate the Life with Adidas Originals Gazelle Navy/White

Adidas Originals Gazelle Navy/WhiteAdidas Originals Gazelle Navy/White is produced by the Adidas Company. Adidas Originals Gazelle Navy/White is introduced as a training shoe in the year 1968. The features of the Adidas Originals Gazelle Navy/White include Classic branding, Suede uppers, and collegiate colors. Navy suede of the Adidas Originals Gazelle Navy/White sits above the white rubber Sole.  Gold Gazelle print and Trefoil branding adds more flair to the shoe. The Adidas Originals Gazelle Navy/White is used as an inner soccer and handball shoe. The Adidas Originals Gazelle Navy/White shoe is very stylish and it provides more comfort for the users.

The Adidas Originals Gazelle Navy/White shoe is also produced with the combination of White, Navy, Light blue Navy suede White leather with 3 stripes and Gazelle in metallic gold. Thick white midsole with light blue under sole are designed in the Gazelle. In the light blue badge of the shoe trefoil logos and Smooth tongue with white Adidas is placed. This model is the version of Classic Gazelle produced by the Adidas. Adidas Originals Gazelle Navy/White is produced in various styles and in various colors. The logo of the Adidas is placed in the backside of the shoe in light blue color. The various features of Adidas Originals Gazelle Navy/White includes Rubber sole tread, pre-molded heel counter, padded ankle collar, suede upper with reinforced toe, and EVA wedge insert in rubber cup sole. This shoe is preferred by the youngsters for its durability and flexibility.

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Get the aesthetics of the 80’s with adidas Woodsyde Blue/White-Red

Adidas Woodsyde Blue/White-Red

This pair is a classic one and is a mix of basketball aesthetics of the 80’s as well as a very patriotic color scheme. The adidas Woodsyde Blue/White-Red is one of kinds and you will definitely not go wrong if you choose this pair. With the use of suede, this pair looks even more stunning. Well not only the material, but also the color combination is classy and very stylish as well. This pair is a mix of style and performance at the same time. The contrast of blue and white works wonders for the pair. This is not all; the accents of red are used minimally but the hits of red complete the look of the adidas Woodsyde Blue/White-Red. The high cut look of this basketball sneaker will surely turn some heads.

The three white bands balance the look of the pair and look very good along with the blue base. You can have a good look at this pair with the help of the detailed images. The suede base in the shade of blue as well as the white leather base looks great together. To add more flavors the ribbed leather in the shade of red is used on the pair’s collar. You can also find one such sneaker in one of the retail outlets.  This pair is accessible only at selected retail outlets, so you will have to explore the market to grab one of these pairs. Just find the store and give the cash, then this pair will be yours forever.

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