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Nike Blazer Hi “Voltage Cherry” & “Ink”

Nike Blazer Hi “Voltage Cherry” & “Ink”

The Nike sportswear is a fashionable stylish shoe. This is a one name of brand, where it available in no. of different verities of design and colors. The Nike Blazer Hi “Voltage Cherry” & “Ink” blazer has been simple, quite in the winter seasons. Their two colors are all most demand which is voltage cherry and ink color. It’s mainly used for both of sports wear or simple used in parties or college going boys. Both pair of shoe contains the off white, marked, or vintage sole with white laces. The Nike Blazer Hi “Voltage Cherry” & “Ink” are now available at selective retailers. Here you can get from the show rooms. Now a day many company may open there showrooms in your cities. So you have not gone any outer area to purchasing branded items.

Company must know the taste of our clients, he know what they preferred or what they required. Many companies as open our verity of show rooms which provided you to all things that you needed. Basically here are few brands available one of them is Nike brand. Generally sports wear are used by sportsman or athletics personality. The color or designs gives this Nike Shoes Turbo a cool or a classical attitude. The Nike Shoes or a Turbo shoes has been released several times and it is the only shoe in the original listings to have been released several times. The quality of shoes is very good, its price also in your budget. You have to get this brand in different colors such as metallic, silver, Gary, black ink or cherry color.

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Get the classic pair of Nike Blazer Hi Sail/Orange Blaze ‘Cracked Leather’

Nike Blazer Hi Sail/Orange Blaze ‘Cracked Leather’

If you are looking for a super and eye-catching color scheme, then Nike Blazer Hi Sail/Orange Blaze ‘Cracked Leather’ will be the best option for you. This pair is a very nice offering from Nike, and it will attract a lot of attention. This unique pair features an amazing texture makeup along with a very subtle design. Apart from being subtle, the pair is designed in such a way that it looks very stylish as well.  The upper is constructed cracked leather featuring the sail color. This color dominantly wraps up the entire upper. The accents of Orange Blaze are used in a minimal manner. The orange shade appears on the Swoosh border, midfoot area, heel logos, Nike tongue, and other lining, which can be seen all through the toe.

Well some of the sneakerheads are lucky, as this pair have been released overseas. However, there is no need to worry as this pair will soon hit the other outlets. The painted leather in white looks very nice and makes the pair look very different. The look is balanced by the orange stitching, which expand to the tongue tag. The colors are reversed on the tag, this is a very minute detail and you can actually notice this, when you see the detailed pictures of this pair. The pictures are easily available on the internet. You can also get other information, which is relevant to Nike Blazer Hi Sail/Orange Blaze ‘Cracked Leather’. Just keep yourself updated with the latest information by an online search and grab one as soon as they are released.

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Make a Style Statement with Nike Blazer Hi Suede Garnet/Sail

Nike Blazer Hi Suede Garnet/Sail

No other shoe can bring forth such an elegant combination of colors like the Nike Blazer Hi Suede Garnet/Sail does. The upper section of the shoe has been colored in rich garnet color whereas the laces and the look of the swoosh has been finished off in a vibrant white color. Such a novel color scheme has been inspired from that high-school jacket of the letterman that gives you a feel of the late sixties. A yellowed and a creamish treatment has been offered to the midsole. Plus, the exposure of the sponge upon the swoosh adds to the signature feel offered by the shoe. The Nike Blazer Hi Suede Garnet/Sail would go well with a pair of denim or with a pair of corduroy pants, hence, this shoe is worth giving a try once.

The shoes would be very much available making their way to the internet on the eBay this winter. The luxurious and the very rich suede has been finished off in rich garnet and therefore it offers the wearer an extremely premium feel. The contrast between the colors has been well managed and the stained sole of the shoe offers a vintage appearance. The retailers that are there online have just started receiving the shipment of the shoes, and by the time they would be set on sale, people would just wait to set their hands on such a magnificent pair. So before you miss the chance, order for your pair, once they make their way to the online retailers and make a style statement with them.

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Nike Blazer SP – Black – Del Sol – Varsity Red: The solid appearance for your feet

Nike Blazer SP – Black – Del Sol – Varsity Red

Footwears are important in portraying the right and perfect look for our look.  It is the desire for everyone to look different among the crowd, and a properly designed shoe just ensures that.  In the recent times, we have seen a number of experimental collections from Nike.  All the designs are unique in their own way, and each of them has done the job of providing the right look on your personality.  Dark shades are always welcome in the trade of shoe manufacturing, and when the dark shades are from none other than Nike, surely you can expect something innovative.  In the Nike Blazer SP – Black – Del Sol – Varsity Red collection, surely you will get that feel of solidity.

This collection is the contrasting between the Chrome yellow and Varsity red, and both of the colors are embedded on the shiny black surface. Introduction of multiple leathers has been the trend for Nike this season, and in this Nike Blazer SP – Black – Del Sol – Varsity Red collection, they have used two different types of leathers.  The basic lather features on the upper side, and the rest of the shoe is made in grain type leather.  For the tabs on heels, they have used quality Del Sol material.  Synthetic rubber latex features on the outsole, and this outsole is completely in line with the overall appearance. Surely, this shoe will provide your feet with the solid impression, and this is the shoe collection you have been waiting for this winter.

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Nike Blazer CS Premium “Gold Dust”: The gold rush countdown begins

Nike Blazer CS Premium “Gold Dust”

Nike has released a number of collections this years, and they more we see it, more we wonder about their innovations in designing. It is not that they always look to redesign their older and appreciated designs in a new format.  They are unique in this act and have taken the art of innovation to a new height, and have given shoe designs a new horizon.  It needs an expertise skill to incorporate the newer designs in a shoe, and certainly, Nike has been a pioneer in the originality of designs over the years.  In their collection Nike Blazer CS Premium “Gold Dust”, they have introduced the theme of gold rush.  May be the surface appearance will make you remember the Gregory Peck starrer McKenna’s Gold., an all time classic.

Apart from leather and Canvas, there is only one material that can do the justice with the classic appeal, and it is nothing but quality Swede.  That is what you will get in this shoe version.  In this all Swede quality finish, you will get the right classic appeal for your feet.  The color shade is not monotonous at all.  In most of the surfaces, you will get the lighter shades of golden yellow, and the darker shades appear on the swoosh region, and on the shoelaces.  The logo of Nike appears on the side panels and on the tongues, and they have got the darker shades as well. At the bottom, you will get the sole in bottomed cup style, and the sole attaches itself with the shoe by gum stitching.

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Nike Blazer Hi Suede VNTG QS with the old aesthetic looks

Nike Blazer Hi Suede VNTG QS The Gold Dart upper suede strikes you the very first time you get your eyes on this Nike Blazer Hi. But don’t mind for this high contrast, because there is one Worn Blue Grey option as well. The pre-worn vintage white outsole is given the same yellow effect in both the color ways, thus giving this blazer a very old aesthetic look. The old school looks are further enhanced by the exposed foam on the nylon tongue. The white leather Nike swoosh and two-tone Nike tongue tag make the brand recognition quite clear.

The inner lining and the lace are also white. Although the Nike Blazer is not as easy to find the Nike Air Force 1 or the Nike Dunk, but it has created a niche for itself. The two highly contrasting colors of Gold Dart and Blue Grey have been justifiably chosen keeping the flashy and sombre requirements of buyers in mind. The high colors as usual rise above all to display the trademark of the Blazer. The stitching work is superb and adds to the beauty of its finish.  The long lace panels can be said to be the most gorgeous attributes amongst all other features. The blazers seem to be made in harmony with size and proportion.

It can be said that the Blue Grey colorway scores a higher mark over the Golden one in terms of looks. The drab blue and white color combination is more respectable. The Nike Blazer Hi has not yet hit all the stores, but you can find it at atmos.

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Nike Blazer AC – Black/Neon

We have seen a lot of Neon in the first 8 months or so. Many Nike models have used Neon, with the biggest one being the Air Max 95. It seems as if everyone loves Neon. It could work on almost any Nike model. Well Nike decides to use it once again. Take a look at this Nike Blazer AC as it comes in a Black/Neon colorway. The Blazer AC has been on a roll as late. We have seen a few nice colorways recently. However this latest colorway is by far the best.

Black covers most of the sneaker, including the Nike swoosh, heel, toe and the five straps. Those eye-catching neon accents appear on the Nike swoosh stitching, heel branding, inner lining and the entire midsole. As for the materials, the sneaker uses perforated leather, nubuck and smooth leather for its construction. I can’t really find any flaws with this Nike Blazer AC. Can you? Look for these at select Nike retailers very soon.

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Nike Sportswear Blazer SP – Black/White/Photo Blue

A couple of days ago, we saw a Blue Lacquer/Varsity Red/White colorway of the Nike Blazer SP. We haven’t seen much of the Blazer SP this year, but we’ve spotted a couple of colorways as of late. Well here we get yet another Nike Sportswear Blazer SP as this latest one comes in a Black/White/Photo Blue colorway. Once again, photo blue makes its way on another Nike model. Nike has used a lot of photo blue this summer, so expect a little more of it.

This latest Nike Sportswear Blazer SP is really clean. Most of the sneakers upper is covered with Black tumbled leather. That same black is also seen on the toe, heel, inner lining and the toe cap. Clean white comes into place on the Nike swoosh, heel tab, shoe laces and the midsole. Photo blue accents appear on the tongue tag and the entire outsole. I really like this colorway of the Nike Sportswear Blazer SP. What do you think? These are available now at select Nike Sportswear retailers. Make sure you take a look at more images after the jump.


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