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Nike Dunk Hi Premium TZ “Ueno Panda”
Nike Dunk Hi Premium TZ “Ueno Panda”

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The Nike Dunk Hi Premium TZ Ueno Panda is dedicated to Tokyo and the Panda. There is a panda at Tokyo’s Ueno Park and this shoe pays tribute to the special animal. This shoe is the last model in the series of limited edition Nike shoes. This whole series has every shoe dedicated to a different city in Japan.

This shoe is sold at Mita. It is packed in a special cage, to denote how the panda is caged in captivity. The shoe upper is covered in horse hair. The toe box is white and it has a surrounding mudguard that is black colored horse hair. The shoe lace is black and coordinates with the color scheme. The Nike swoosh is in black leather. The tongue is black and has a discreet tag at the tip. The use of horse hair is a good idea as the panda has thick furry skin and the sneaker bears a good resemblance to its inspiration. The midsole has two colors. Two thirds of it are black while the last remaining third is white. The outsole is white to give the shoe a clean look.

I like the design of this sneaker. The horse hair makes it look warm and inviting to wear.


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