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Highlight Your Style with Nike SB Eric Koston Signature Model Teaser

Nike SB Eric Koston Signature Model Teaser

Nike SB Eric Koston Signature Model Teaser has the most impressive style. This shoe looks very simple but is more attractive. People get easily attracted to this shoe and tend them to buy it. This model has ever reached the world and people are looking forward to buy and use this model. Nike SB Eric Koston Signature Model Teaser is more stylish and is very attractive. You can also increase your style by using Nike SB Eric Koston Signature Model Teaser shoe. Athletes are fond of using this shoe and this shoe gives them more comfort than other shoes.

Nike SB Eric Koston Signature Model Teaser is designed in such a way that it is very much innovative. Innovative people have sit together and decided to make this shoe in a more fashionable way. The one who wears this shoe looks more stylish and anyone can fall for their style. This shoe is really awesome and it provides great comfort to the person who wears it. Nike SB Eric Koston Signature Model Teaser is about to release in the future and that is why most of the people are waiting to buy this shoe in order to make them look more stylish. Nike SB Eric Koston Signature Model Teaser would be the best shoe ever produced and would win the hearts of the people because of its great and innovative design. Highlight your life style with the Nike SB Eric Koston Signature Model Teaser shoe.

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Nike SB Dunk mid Pro – for a ‘Raiders’

Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro – ‘Raiders’ | Spring 2011

Here is seem to be at upcoming spring 2011 Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro – ‘Raiders’ | Spring 2011, a few no. of members are agree in the threaded that they would like to makes a super canvas for tiff mids. A new customer must create a calm form Nike duke dunk. This take an inspiration form a Reebok court victory pump. In 2006 year it can add an extra featured tennis ball. The brand of this Nike is mostly use in all the play of games. Mostly they used by the tennis player which make a comfortable feelings when he play a tennis or any other sports. When the Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro – ‘Raiders’ | Spring 2011 first released, many have the SB Dunk Mid originally released, many of us immediately bash the use of a strip, and the entire idea of a mid-cut steep.

A combination of leather with black taking place along the toes and heel part make it too differ from other shoes. A soft grey covers to the leather toe box and side panel. Metallic silver adds a nice feel on the whole cover of the shoes, along with the use of an all new tongue graphic and outsole design. Raiders land might have to wait a bit for these. Out of the collection of such features of this Footscape are must be more comfortable or easy to fit in all size of legs. It’s more important feature which makes it different form the others in a variety of making such shoes.

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Available Now: DJ Clark Kent – Nike SB Dunk Force 1

DJ Clark Kent- Nike SB Dunk Force 1

Yet again, the Nike sportswear has launched new sneaker collections, which is an exclusive DJ Clark Kent- Nike SB Dunk Force 1. No doubt, when it comes to get a latest sneakers Nike dunk and Nike Air Force 1 are considered the best sneakers for on and off the court. DJ Clark Kent collection is that one favorite series of dunk force shoes that can be compared to jewel. This collection is a blend of upper Nike SB dunk and framework of Nike Air Force 1 with the various colorways. DJ Clark Kent’s Nike collection is not just exclusive, but also the rarest colorways scheme with soothing eye and foot experience.

The DJ Clark Kent- Nike SB Dunk Force 1 has leather upper with perforations for better breathability. Exclusive Nike Air-sole unit in the shoes gives foot cushioning. This exclusive technology has been considered the most durable, revolutionary and versatile to provide cushioning. The Nike Air-sole technology uses encapsulated air to provide the cushioning. It also improves the impact protection in athletic shoes. The shoe has EVA midsole, which provides the additional impact protection with less wear and tear assurance. It also plays an important role in providing much needed comfort to the foot. A solid rubber sole of the shoe is another plus point. The solid rubber sole won’t leave marks on the floors. Moreover, the solid rubber sole provides unmatched traction and durability to the shoes. Especially, if the shoe wearer is into basketball sports than this sole can definitely improve performance level.

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Nike SB Dunk High – ‘Plum’: Highlight your Style

Nike SB Dunk High – ‘Plum

Since 1986, the Nike Dunk has been the hottest sneakers in the market. The popularity of Nike Dunk has encouraged Nike sportswear to introduce the new colorways to the family of Nike Dunk. Earlier this week the Nike Dunk has introduced the new Nike SB Dunk High – ‘Plum’. The color scheme of this sneaker is inspired from the classic Nike Pro B colorway. Moreover, the shoe also has some of the similar features of Plum Co.Jp Lows. The shoe features nubuck mixed upper with the red accents at the shoe lace and the Nike tag on the tongue. The shoe offers better ankle support due to the high-top profile. Also, to keep tongue in place, the shoe has spring-hinged design. The shoe also has additional padding around the ankle area to provide comfort. This shoe offers classic Dunk style with the better comfort to the foot.

The Nike SB Dunk High- ‘Plum’ has sturdy rubber sole, which wraps up to protect and support the foot. Stitched sole on and at the forefoot provides durability to the shoes. In addition, the shoe also has a leather overlay on the toe area, which enhances the durability. The EVA midsole of the shoe offers great cushioning with the impact protection to the foot. Moreover, the considered Nike design of the shoe offers high performance ability and low environment impact. The traction offered by shoe is also incredible. The pivot point in the forefoot of the shoe ensures the quick and sharp moves in any direction. Also, the durable rubber outsole ensures that no mark is left on the wooden floors or gym floors.

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Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 – Fall 2011 Preview for your choice

Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 – Fall 2011 Preview

The Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 – Fall 2011 Preview is a stunning collection from the shoe pioneer Nike. This time Nike has come out with this kind of models to ultimate comfort on your feet. The Nike Company has experimented this time with different shades of colors to match your comfort. The five models are the top selling models in the market; the red color combination is the first choice of customers, who wants   to add a bit of fun to their feet. This shoe is designed in a simple way; the upper sole of the shoes is designed with blue leather.The Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 – Fall 2011 Preview has a midsole which is white in color which is divided by a blue line .

The bottom sole of the shoe is black in color with a good grip . The swoosh is designed in red which matches with the blue color.  This shoe can be worn with any dress materials to give a good contrast with the attire. The shoes give complete comfort to you feet and helps in better moments of your feet. This shoe is a high demand among the customers because of its simple look and comfortable fittings. This collection has various choices, which you can choose according to your mood. There are five shades of colors available in the collection. The more details are available in the net; you can get these models in all the leading sports stores. This is a must buy shoes, if you like comfort.

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Go green with Nike SB Dunk Low – Green – Black – White | Releasing in 2011

Nike SB Dunk Low – Green – Black – White | Releasing in 2011

The Nike SB Dunk Low – Green – Black – White | Releasing in 2011 is a unique design by Nike to give a matching look on you feet. The shoe is designed with a unique combination of green and black colorways, this shoe gives a elegant look on the feet. This shoe gives a good grip on the feet with the specially designed bottom sole for the extra grip. This collection of shoes is very rare, and this is the first time, the company has introduced this kind of shoes. The green color is the centre of attraction in this model, the top sole of the shoes is designed with green and black leather, the midsole is black in color with a white bottom sole. The mid sole is stitched to give a extra protection to the mid sole. This shoe can be used for casual wear and goes well with all dresses

The Nike SB Dunk Low – Green – Black – White | Releasing in 2011 shoe has small opening at the tip of the shoes for better air ventilation and helps to keep the feet fresh. This shoe   will be released in 2011; the company is expecting a huge demand for this model. The customers are quite impressed about the green color with a combination of black. The shoe look funky and it matches with the mother nature. To know more about this model you can visit the internet, you can have review and preview of this model. This is a unique creation of Nike which every must buy.

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The ultimate invention by Nike the Nike SB Dunk High Premium Obsidian/Maple

Nike SB Dunk High Premium Obsidian/Maple

The Nike SB Dunk High Premium Obsidian/Maple is a unique design by Nike which has a good colorway of   light brown and blue. This shoe is a unique bend of colors to give a new life to your fee. The company has designed this shoe, buy studying the various fashions in the market. The company has used three different colorways to add beauty to this shoe. The upper sole of the shoes is made with quality class leather which is light brown with light and blue patches of leather.

The swoosh of the shoes is deigned on the side of the shoes which passes through the blue and brown background. The lace of the shoe is read in color and it passes through blue holes. The mid sole of the shoe is white in color and is made with high quality rubber to gives a perfect comfort to the feet. The bottom of the sole brown in color with an extra grip which is anti skidding. The inner sole of the shoes is very comfort to hold you feet and prevent injuries. The ankle collar of the shoe is red in color which matches with the blue color. The Nike SB Dunk High Premium Obsidian/Maple shoe is a favorite for all basketball players around the world, this shoes gives a good comfort while playing the game. One can read more about this shoe online. You can place the order through stores or online.  This shoe is the hot selling shoe in the marker, this is a must buy for all shoe lovers to add them in their collection

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Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V-Rod Navy & Black

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V-Rod Navy & Black

If you fed up with the regular sneakers, and want to get a low-top sneaker for your collection, then Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V-Rod Navy & Black will be the best bet. This attractive signature pair will hit the market after the New Year. This pair is actually a flagship model from SB and takes this brand back to the period when sneakers used to feature simple designs. Here you can have a look at the two very clean colors used for the sneakers. Both the pair features navy blue and black suede uppers placed on vulcanized soles. Each of the pair of Nike SB Paul Rodriguez V-Rod Navy & Black also comprises of identical leather Swooshes.

There are certain features, which provide these pairs a unique identity of their own.The pair that features navy blue color comes with a gingham liner in navy shade. Moreover, the black pair has a red interior, which makes this pair even more attractive and different from the other. You can choose a color according to your own preference. Both the colors look very clean and render a very effective look to the pairs. The white sole balances the whole look and gives a very contrast to the dark and solid colors. You can keep a track on these pair with the help of an online search. You can also access the detailed images of the pair on the internet. Therefore, if you want to go back to the early times then this pair will refresh your memories.

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