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Eco-friendly and Stylish New Brooks x Vans Vault Era 45 Sneaker

Brooks x Vans Vault Era 45

In recent years, Vans has launched number of shoes in partnership with renowned companies like Filson. Vans, which is popular for manufacturing a cycling shoe has brought the new Brooks x Vans Vault Era 45. The partnership with the Brooks England, which is renowned as a manufacturer of leather cycling shoe has taken fixed-gear cycling culture to another high. The inspiration behind the partnership and manufacturing of the shoe is concern for the environment protection. Nowadays, environment protection or eco-friendly products have become the latest theme to all branded companies. Moreover, eco-friendly products are likely to get more focus, promotional and of course the revenues.

The Brooks x Vans Vault Era 45 Sneaker has black upper leather with the accent of orange color. This vault classic Era 45 is made of high grade leather for the upper body construction. The tongue is also made of decoratively tooled leather to enhance the look. The shoe perfectly showcases the Brooks and Vans creativity and superiority of creating a cycling shoe. The padded collar with the padded tongue is incorporated to give comfort to the foot. Also, it enhances the foot cupping for a perfect fit. The tongue has embossed skull detail on it to give unique look. The original waffle sole provides utmost durability and cushioning to the foot. It is also efficient to provide traction ability. Leather lined with the contrast heel details gives enhanced look to the shoe. The shoe colorway black, white and orange perfectly blends to give a classic look with the comfort to the foot.

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WTAPS x Vans Syndicate SK8-Mid ‘Leopard’

WTAPS x Vans Syndicate SK8-Mid ‘Leopard’

There WTAPS is a tag of Japanese street wears. The label of WTAPS x Vans Syndicate SK8-Mid ‘Leopard’ is a latest category in branded shoes. As by the name you have to got this type of shoes depend on the leopard category. Many people confuse about this name but the actual things that it’s designing. There design is similar the color of leopard. The model of this shoe is similar to other category of shoes. It also knows as name of brand, their WTAPS x Vans Syndicate SK8-Mid ‘Leopard’ mainly focus its brand as well as its label of the company. There are so many paths where you can buy this shoe.

There are many outcomes which have certain path to find them. “Decide on path and keep moving”, slogan is fit on this brand, because the model or features of this shoes is quite simple. Designer to make it first they things only it upper part and the sole or laces are as the other shoes. This shoe has more comfort as compare to other shoes. The demand is usually raised only by the fashionable people. His brand mainly used in a party or by celebrities. This brand has time to time build a various variety in field of shoes. Here they build a latest released the leopard print which make it too bold and horse hair get feel so smoothie. The some shaded line makes it to so faster look. In all over world there are few selected retailer are available to make such type of shoe. The large no. of shoe is borrowing from the Japan.

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Vans Classic Zebra Pack for a spring 2011

Vans Classic Zebra Pack – Spring 2011Since last many years, there are some exciting developments in the field of branded shoes. In 2008 year, the new brand of shoes is come in the fashion world. Sneakers make a design which is not impervious, and we have too seen this in a basics form. In 2010 year, here are many colors comes but the color of black is mixed with all type of lifestyle markets. The demand of black color gets rapidly raised during last years. The color of black can win all the races as compare to other colors. No one can beat it in the matter of color. The black color may prosperous colors; it used in the various firms such as cloths or in choices of shoes.

For some times, here are mains colors in demand, which is a Vans Classic Zebra Pack – Spring 2011. Mainly shoes are making from this zebra colors, basically it is a black colors witch combine the colors of white and black. How do you keeps a Vans Classic Zebra Pack – Spring 2011pattern shoes comparatively low key? By creation the stripe tonal black, and give it to all black midsole, and black eyelets, black laces at slightest these all the idea at Vans. For Authentic Looks, a black color on black zebra prints most shower of it. The no. of shoes, are available for both of the men’s and women’s size, which are an attractive turn on the trendy animal skin model. We see it also in a project. This is a great fit for the Vans Classical line may be one to look at for next spring.

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Gorilla Biscuits x Vans SK8-Hi + Slip-On: Grab one for you

Gorilla Biscuits x Vans SK8-Hi + Slip-OnSome of the music lovers must have heard of Gorilla Biscuits, a hardcore punk rock band who got famous for the track ‘New Direction’ and ‘Start Today’. The band teamed up with Vans to launch new sneaker line Gorilla Biscuits x Vans SK8-Hi + Slip-On. The colorway of SK8-Hi and Slip On is definitely vivid and punk style. The shoe portrays the real punk music culture and music. Those who love to show their colorful side of life, they can flaunt their desires with these sneakers. The SK8-Hi has classic shoe looks with the high tops, renegade colorways and style. This Slip-On is definitely favorable for the skateboarding. The design is simple yet stylish and effective with the low top lace-up. The soles of both shoes have bright pastel shades, which makes it pleasurable for eyes.  Moreover, both shoes can easily be suitable for beach wear, casual wear, travel, or going out.

The Gorilla Biscuits x Vans SK8-Hi + Slip-On is equipped with various foot comfort features. With the High top construction SK8-Hi has Canvas and Suede uppers with the side stripe details. The shoe has good arch support with the better cushion impact absorber. The outsole of the shoe has vulcanized waffle to provide comfort to the foot. The Slip-On has canvas upper, which is similar to the authentic canvas shoes. Metal eyelets are present to give better hold of the shoe lace. Moreover, the solid colorways of both shoes give enhanced look to the shoe. Also, both shoes will be available in Unisex sizing.

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Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault Sk8-Hi LX – Spring 2011 the ultimate shoes for your feet

Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault Sk8-Hi LX – Spring 2011If you have a look at Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault Sk8-Hi LX – Spring 2011, you can feel a touch of classical look with grey and brown color. This shoe sis the talk of the town, this shoe goes well with all the attires, especially dark denim. The shoe is designed by a Chinese designer know as Hayashi, he has give a different look to the feet with a god blend of classic and modern style. The Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault Sk8-Hi LX – spring 2011 is made of canvas in the inner side, and the side outer portion of the shoes is made of ostrich leather.

The combination of grey and brown color makes this shoe a grand one from the rest of the shoes in the market. The designers have used two types of materials to design this shoe. The shoes have sole which is made of   special rubber for keeping the feet comfortable. The bottom of the shoes is has a good grip to prevent you from slipping. The midsol of the shoe is brown in color which matches with the leather. This shoe is expected to be released for December. There is a wide demand for this shoe in the market; many of the stores are getting many orders from the customers. To know more about this shoes you can visit online stores too have a preview of this shoe. This shoes is a must buy for shoe lovers. Feel the touch of this new shoe with a classy look

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Go crazy with the latest release Vans Sk8 Hi “Tron: Legacy”

Vans Sk8 Hi “Tron: Legacy”One of the most effective as well as stylish product has yet again taken birth in the huge world of footwear. This is time it is the famous Vans who have introduced its latest manufacture called Vans Sk8 Hi “Tron: Legacy”. It is a product which could be taken as symbol of class as well as efficiency. There are several highlighting which are contributing positively in the total popularity of this amazing product. Being designed in a complete black color, the product seems to spread the essence of classiness as well as elegance without taking much pains. A tint of blue could be found on the iconic strip which is working as a highlighting element on the complete black base.

An effective effect of grey could also be found on the eyelets as well as on the placket which also enhances the complete style as well as attractiveness of the product. The inner lining of this amazing product called Vans Sk8 Hi “Tron: Legacy” has the electrifying silver color which is a complete contrast to its black base. All these effective elements contribute a lot to the impressive popularity of the product in the shoe market. The purchase of this effective product could be easily done by going online and finding the best suitable website for this purpose. The pictures of the product are easily available on several websites through which you can have a close look on the various attractive elements of the product to the product before you actually purchase it.

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Vans California Mid Skool ’77 “Hiker” Taupe for you

Vans California Mid Skool ’77 “Hiker” TaupeIf you are tiered of the so-called funky designs and looking for something simple yet unique, Vans California is the destination for your search.  They are among the leading names in the shoe business, and simplicity in shoe designing has been their flagship over the decades.  Very few occasions they have tried anything experimental in shoe designing.  They have always preferred to stick to the basics in shoe designing and color contrasting, and that has paid for their business.  Just in line with their traditional and usual approach, they have launched their newest collection Vans California Mid Skool ’77 “Hiker” Taupe. Just like their earlier collections, here also you will get the simple yet attractive appearance in shoe designing.

Swede has been their staple material for shoe construction, and over the years, they have enjoyed the status as the pioneer in restructuring Swede.  Here they have restructured Swede in a new manner, and have introduced Taupe Swede to the shoe manufacturing industry.  You will get the touch of this newly invented material on the upper portion, and this material is silk smooth to give the maximum comfort to your feet.  Besides this quality Swede, they have used leather as well for the collars, and quality cords for shoelaces.  D shaped metal rings feature on the shoelace eyelets, and tanned brown appears on the midsole.  For the outsole, they have used conventional and basic Swede material.  To cut it short, Vans California Mid Skool ’77 “Hiker” Taupe is the single answer to your search for something classical and vintage this season.

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Vans California 106 Vulc Spring 2011 Lineup

Vans California 106 Vulc Spring 2011 LineupThis is a very nice line up when it comes to the materials used to make the pairs. Vans California 106 Vulc Spring 2011 Lineup comprises of four extremely clean pairs with magnificent looks. Each of the pairs features uppers composed of premium quality suede. Moreover, the exceptional factor of all the pairs is the heel panel made up of brown leather. All the pair sports quarter panels, which are perforated. The toes of the pairs are left solid. Every pair is unique, classic in it own kind, and instead of similar silhouettes, each pair has its own identity and looks very nice and interesting. For a touch of class, leather laces have been added on the midfoot segment of the pairs.

If you want to have a nice pair for the coming season then the Vans California 106 Vulc Spring 2011 Lineup has many choices and you can pick one according to your choice and preferences. All the colors used for the pairs are very eye-catching. The colors in which this pair is available include Bronze Green, Black, Navy, and Chipmunk. All the colors are very different from each other and render a unique character to the pairs. All the nicely colored uppers are placed on a clean white sole, which balance the entire look of the pairs. All the colors are simple yet they are featured in an effective motif. The matching leather laces are another striking factor of the pairs. The sneakerheads have to wait a bit for the release of this line up.

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