Vans Ostrich Chukka

Vans Ostrich Chukka - #1

Vans has stepped things up a notch with these Chukkas made with real ostrich skin. These shoes come in either black or army green.

Ostrich skin is a luxurious material that has a raised dotted pattern throughout. It is oftentimes used in high end handbags, belts and women’s shoes.

These Ostrich Chukkas are available right now from Classic Kicks, priced at $350. If you are looking for a luxury shoe that is definitely unique, this Chukka could be for you. Via Hypebeast.

Vans Ostrich Chukka - #2

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  1. ThatsxMyxWord says:

    350? Sike. . . I’d rather have the Huf chukkas for a price like that. The grey pair are nice though.

  2. gina diaz says:

    bananas …crazy

  3. jmoney says:

    lol look kinda wierd but tight

  4. Eric Fulton says:

    Mad hot but i wouldnt pay that much 4 vans no offense

  5. tau says:

    these shoes r mad weird lookin the toe box is a different look too

  6. Ryas Reesse says:

    got my vans on but they look like sneakers dang des are hott

  7. june says:

    Dainmm the black 1z look tight but 2 much money ill give a bill for them

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